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Comment: Re:eh, it's not that bad (Score 2) 459

by Fusselwurm (#45998195) Attached to: Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

Many Europeans are already used to using different keyboards at different times.

Yes. For me it's three.

Mostly, I'm using the Neo2 layout. When gaming, I use the standard German qwertz layout, and sometimes I have to use US English. It takes time getting used to it, but once you've mastered a layout, you're fine on ANY DEVICE.

The problem I see here is that the X1, by re-positioning or abandoning physical keys, effectively forces you to not only know 3 different layouts, but 3*2 = 6. Great.

(Plus, with the caps lock key gone, I'd have to hack Neo2 to get the 3rd level switch on the home or end key, blegh.)

Comment: Re:How about the death of cities? (Score 1) 102

by Fusselwurm (#43460063) Attached to: Book Review: The Death of the Internet

That's the 'noble primitive' myth. It's only a myth.

I wasn't talking about the idea that people in smaller tribes were inherently more moral people (which is what the noble primitive myth deals with), but that crime is low because of social pressures in small groups (where everyone knows everyone, and it is harder to get away with crime) or for other reasons. My point was that crime rate is smaller in a smaller social group, but more and more people prefer to live in/around cities.

depends on the type of crime, i guess.

i know that at least homicide is much lower in today's "western" society (about one in a hundred thousand per year) in comparison to contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes (one in a hundred to one in three thousand).

Comment: Re:It could be built by the neanderthals (Score 2) 50

by Fusselwurm (#42382207) Attached to: World's Oldest Wooden Water Wells Discovered

Has the timeline been changed by better archaeology or dating, or reclassification of remains? when I was at school (only 2 decades ago, in the UK) I was taught that the last Neanderthals died out around the time of the construction of the Pyramids in Egypt, no more than 6000 years ago

Just asked my sis (who sports a B.A. in prehistoric archaeology )... according to her, you must've had a very strange teacher -- historically, the figure for "how long ago did they die out" has been creeping down as more and more recent specimen were found. At no time did people think it was just 6ka ago.

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