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Comment Re:update - there were other tosses which Sanders (Score 4, Interesting) 634

The coins could all have been heads OR they could all have been tails. There are 64 possible outcomes, but 2 are sufficient. 1/32 is correct.

I still don't see it. There is a 1/32 chance that *either* of the two candidates would have won all of the coin flips, but only a 1/64 chance for 'only Clinton' or 'only Sanders'

Comment Re:update - there were other tosses which Sanders (Score 3, Informative) 634

Actually, one in 32 odds. The chance that a coin tossed one time lands with the same face up is 1 in 1. The chance that a coin tossed two times lands with the same face up is 1 in 2, etc.

I'd check your math, it's 1 in 64.

If a coin is tossed once, you can have 2 results

If a coin is tossed twice, you have 4 potential results:


Comment Re:Why is this company not dead yet? (Score 1) 28

Because Television executives are largely old boomers coasting on inertia and they really have no interest in tackling this difficult problem at age 67 in between rounds of golf and trips to Palm Springs.

Give them 5-10 more years and they'll retire or croak and the industry will be in for a shakeup.

Comment Re:There is a reason (Score 1) 442

They had no way to prove this either when they spent thousands to take out an ad in the Chicago Tribune in 1985, yet they happily purchased such ads and the newspaper flourished. What has changed?

The newspaper/billboard/TV/radio advertiser has no idea whether they got an 'impression' on me, why does the web advertiser feel entitled to this?

Comment Re:Liberty Minded (Score 1) 388

Right -- white males who want to do drugs and have commercial sex interactions with women. It's not an insult, I'm white and love whores and drugs too, but I'm not a filthy libertarian.

I at least have the common decency to want to pay for a social welfare system for all of the sex trafficked minority women that fall into this system.

Comment Re:Hey look a Wikipedia article (Score 1) 325

Thank you. I appreciate the actual example. I do think that the Wikipedia community in general does have a bit of a bias against anonymous (IP-only) accounts -- I personally don't understand the hassle in restricting edits to logged-in accounts and would support a change in that direction to eliminate this. It looks like you went through the trouble of even commenting on the guy's talk page and he never responded. I'm going to try to find some English language sources with the modern names and fix this.

Comment Re:I edit Wikipedia regularly (Score 1) 325

Oh no doubt there are people who are making paid edits in an attempt to circumvent the spirit of Wikipedia. I put them in the same box as anyone claiming to offer 'Search Engine Optimization' -- people who abuse a system shared by the masses for personal gain.

The question is, do any of those Wiki-PR type firms actually have guys high up in the Wiki-bureaucracy? I posit that they really don't, and as such they are just another type of troll that needs to be planned for and dealt with, just like anywhere else on the internet.

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