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Comment Re:Weed (Score 1) 287

Oh please, political != scientific.

I'm not arguing 'safe', because the jury is still out on that, but you'd have to be an idiot to see it doesn't have an impact on the perception of pain. Just try the shit.

Comment Re:Weed (Score 1) 287

meh, while marijuana should be legalized for recreational use, I don't think you'd have much trouble documenting legitimate medical uses of it. It's not homeopathy in the sense of diluted sugar water drops, but probably needs better regulation on claims being made.

I mean it's quite clear that marijuana has analgesic effects, and I wouldn't have issue with people selling it as as an over-the-counter painkiller in that case. For me, its a hell of a lot more effective than a bunch of ibuprofen or most other OTC painkilllers. The list of legally-mandated "might cause" side-effects in the commercial will be pretty long and hilarious, I'm sure.

The problem comes if someone sells a cannabis cream to fix your acne or whatever, and there isn't any medical research to back it up. That goes on to some degree in today's medical marijuana community. But no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater -- if someone is claiming Aspirin is going to cure your cataracts, you don't go banning Aspirin, you just crack down on the quacks and their false claims.

Comment Re:Serves them right (Score 1) 96

In a desperate effort to follow the "trendy" herd they've made the browser much harder to use. eg: Bookmark folders - good luck trying to create them in the latest versions on OS/X.

Granted I haven't created a new one in years, but I tried Show All Bookmarks, Right-Click, New Folder.

I'll agree that it should probably be labelled as something like "Manage Bookmarks", and maybe not hidden in a context menu, but it wasn't that hard.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 4, Informative) 140

I just run Classic Theme Restorer and use the built in Customize function to hide their wacky new features when then introduce them and force them onto the Navigation Bar.

Maybe thats less than ideal but the browser seems to behave OK, and I get all of my nice Adblocking/privacy add-ons without using a browser coded by a literal advertising company.

Comment Re:Credit is B.S. (Score 1) 386

It was because he didn't have a proven track record of paying anything off. It makes plenty of sense when you think about it -- they don't know where the hell he got his house or cattle from, but if they see that he's paid a bunch of lenders back for various loans over his lifetime, they can surmise that he will probably pay back theirs, too.

Comment Re:Yes, tech advances can disappear (Score 1) 227

But the availability of tech advances to the public can disappear over time due to perceived lack of demand driving lack of supply. Case in point: Affordable X11/Linux-compatible laptops with a 10" screen were easy to find in 2010. They're a lot harder to find since manufacturers discontinued the category.

True but I don't think it really applies to what the person I was responding to was saying. I don't see a reduction in average people subscribing to ISPs in the near future driving up costs there even in an imagined world where adblocking kills the commercial web, because there are too many popular services that live off of subscriptions being pushed down that same pipe.

I suppose less money in the ecosystem might eventually slow down stuff like backbone upgrades, but I don't really care that much. I would rather have a 2000-era web stagnating on today's technology with no ads than some ad-and-tracking bloated future web that is capable of streaming 4K video to everyone at once. And I really don't think I'm going to have to choose since people like Netflix are going to probably throw enough money at that problem that the rest of us will benefit from the ridiculous connections and hardware it will take in order to deliver that.

Comment Re:Not Excessive Tracking (Score 1) 227

If there are no advertisers to fund the distribution of compelling articles, videos, and social networking platforms, how many people will continue to subscribe to home Internet? Probably not nearly as many. This means ISPs will have to spread their fixed costs across fewer customers. Internet won't be "cheap as chips" anymore.

Oh please, Netflix and Amazon alone will keep people subscribed to ISP service in mass quantity, and Twitter could be built out, if a bit clunkier, without some massive corporate force behind it. I don't have an answer for YouTube and its massive bandwidth use -- probably will have to go subscription or die. Oh well.

Remember that we're not going to lose the tech advances that the current internet drove -- a modern computer and home network connection can serve a shitload of 1999-era web content. We'll be fine.

Comment Not Excessive Tracking (Score 3, Insightful) 227

Not Excessive Tracking -- any tracking. They can put whatever they want in a static, hosted by the first-party domain, text or image ad, with no javascript, and I'll happily allow it past my blockers. Hell they probably wouldn't be able to catch it anyway.

Just treat it like taking out an ad in Time Magazine or the New York Times, and there won't be any serious number of people blocking you.

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