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Comment Re:How long will it last when 'transgendered' appl (Score 1) 828

To save time when that happens, the US could always crib from the Canadian military's draft policy on transgender soldiers. The policy does specifically allow transitioning soldiers to wear the uniform of their target gender.

Dealing with non-heterosexual, non-cisgender people in the military isn't some bizarre new thing that the US is blazing new ground on. Other western militaries are well ahead of the US, as even NPR has realized.

Comment Re:Violating the Constitution is a good reason (Score 1) 1657

You might want to read more than the Washington Post's summary. You might find that the conclusions were cherrypicked, ignoring contradictory information.

Additionally, I think you're profoundly misunderstanding the Rockefeller report. You should check it for references to 'Hans Blix'. Kind of a major omission, no?

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