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Comment: Re:Recalculate for the crisis (Score 1) 465 465

Attractive women? At Walmart?

Didn't you just say you make $90 an hour?

Unless you're horribly mismanaging your finances, you wouldn't ever need to work at Walmart. I make about half of that and I am financially secure.

Comment: Re:Point: Missed (Score 1) 238 238

That's odd, because ATI has the fastest (consumer) card on the market right now, the HD4870x2.

Even with its two GPU cores each with 1gb of ram, I only get about 20-25 fps in GTA4. (We're complaining about it up above. Rest of the system is: 2.6ghz Athlon X2, 6gb DDR2, 1tb hdd, Vista X64 Ultimate) I'm waiting for the patch that adds multi-core rendering support to GTA4. I might actually be able to play it at that point.

Nature always sides with the hidden flaw.