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Comment Re:Why not start now..and take if further? (Score 1) 373

HUGE profit cushions? What airlines are you looking at? Airlines have historically struggled with being profitable at all. They typically operate on razor-thin margins, and some of the more creative have just in the last few years become profitable on an ongoing basis. There's a lot of money moving around in the airline industry, but a surprisingly small amount of it is profit.

Comment Re:Why not start now..and take if further? (Score 1) 373

I believe the airlines should charge not based on the weight of the passenger, but based on the weight of the passenger and all luggage/carry-on. So, tickets would be priced as "$xx.xx + $y.yy * [unit of weight]." A person might weigh 80 lbs but carry 100 lbs of luggage/carry-on, so they would be charged the base rate for a seat plus 180 * price/lb.

This is no different (and no more discriminatory) than driving; cars, like airplanes, use more fuel when they're weighed down more heavily. The fuel station isn't discriminating when they dispense more fuel to fill the tank of the car carrying a lardo, and the car isn't discriminating when it burns more fuel, it's simply obeying the laws of physics. Same with FedEx or UPS when they charge more for a 100-lb package than for a 5-lb package.

So, stop the ridiculous checked-bag fees, let people check whatever they want to free up the overhead storage for actual carry-on luggage, and charge for everything (passenger+bags) at a flat per-pound (or per-kilo) rate. Simple, effective, and non-discriminatory.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 904

And my Civic coupe (gas) was $13k after all taxes and licensing were paid, and for my style of driving (>90% highway, most trips 40+ miles) I get nearly equivalent fuel mileage (35-42mpg). On top of that, it's WAY more fun than driving a Prius, I can work on it myself, and it'll probably go at least 400k miles before I decide to replace it, and though I may have to replace the battery a couple times, I'll never have to replace the entire battery pack.

So yeah, EVs cost significantly more than gas cars.

Comment Tech Skills aren't important for them. (Score 1) 302

Teach them that for many people, tech skills are pointless. They don't need "tech skills" to be successful in life, they need people skills, writing skills, basic math skills, troubleshooting skills, thinking skills. If these kids aren't excited about tech, team them things that DO excite them, like welding, or cooking, or auto repair, or carpentry, or plumbing, or any of a host of other things useful in real life. Not everyone needs "tech skills" to be successful.

Comment Re:Real fight (Score 1) 179

Is OpenOffice/LibreOffice still a thing? I mean, it was great when I was in college and wanted something free to run on my old crusty hardware running Linux or Win2k, but MS Office really blew it out of the water last time I compared them side by side. Now that I have an income, I just buy the real thing.

Comment Re:Funny Thing... (Score 1) 445

I agree, it is kind of sad. Most of the carriers have never really given it a chance or put it in a place in their stores where potential customers could look at and play with it. I'm in Western Washington, so I'm pretty certain it has a higher market penetration here. In my office (and no, I don't work at Microsoft), it seems like we have a fairly even mix between iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android devices (to be fair, many people in the office came from Microsoft and had their WP devices subsidized while there).

Outside of work, I have several friends who also use WP - a couple in the insurance industry, a couple students, etc. All of them seem pretty happy with them.

Each of the 3 OSs has some benefits over the others, but when compared side by side I wouldn't say any is at a clear disadvantage. WP probably has the best hardware quality available with the iPhone 6 a close second, Android is easily the most customizable, and iOS may win in the "mostly just works for everything you really want to do" department (has all the apps and the simplicity/consistency of UI).

So, to each their own, but counting out WP just because "it's Microsoft" or "because WP7 sucked" is shortsighted at best.

Comment Funny Thing... (Score 1) 445

Among the people who use it, Windows Phone is already hugely popular. Every time I'm around people with iPhones or Android phones, I hear complaint after complaint about things that don't work right, underwhelming features, etc.

Everyone I know with a Windows phone loves it. Note that this was NOT true of WP7, but the latest WP8.1 phones are great! I've had a Lumia 521, Lumia 925, and now Lumia 830, and all have been excellent phones. The 521 is still my backup/travel phone.

Comment Re:Breakthrough? (Score 3, Insightful) 445

How many models of phone does Microsoft make? Add to that, how many models of phones are available from other manufacturers running the Windows Phone OS?

How many models of phone does Apple make?

I don't think Microsoft is losing in the mobile space because of giving customers too few options.

Comment Re:LOL ... what? (Score 1) 80

That's the best they could come up with from their scrap pile? *puke* They'll pay more for power over the next 3 years than it would cost them to buy some decent enterprise-level servers with real switches.

The EX-4200 is great, for a basic SOHO or OOB switch, but I wouldn't use it where any real connectivity was required.

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