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Comment: Re:How hard is it to find a Wii at the moment (Score 3, Informative) 306

by Fryed (#17018092) Attached to: Wii, PS3 Sell Big In First Week
For the moment at least, they're still evaporating the moment they hit stores like water hitting a frying pan. Controllers seem to be disappearing even faster - I got my Wii on launch day, but to this day have only been able to get 2 extra controllers and chuks, and those I had to do about a week of searching to find.

By January, they'll probably be easy to get ahold of. If you need one before then, I suggest buddying up to someone at a Toys R Us, Target, or similar store, and finding out the exact moment they plan to unload the Wiis from trucks and put them on the floor.

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