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Comment: Re:What will it take? (Score 1) 320

by FrozenToothbrush (#48242915) Attached to: What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?

The vehicles have to be bulletproof so to speak.

Plus a change in mainstream public opinion, which will only come through proven, high quality tech that does not fail even once. Many people are fearful of these things.

People will need to realze that:

  • -Your right to drive is still in tact.
  • -Computers are safe drivers.
  • -Thousands of lives could be saved.

It's unreasonable to expect human beings to be 100% aware and capable everytime they get behind the wheel, and yet this is the assumption. If we take the time and do this right it will be of incredible benefit to humanity.

Comment: Re:Don't worry (Score 2) 258

There's a strange disconnect going on here in America over this. I remember years ago in the 90's, how horrible this disease was. Now it seems like we're treating a common cold? What we know is this: -People are trying to cover their ass. -Mistakes were made and possibly continue to be made by not treating this serious enough. -The media is hyping this, but they themselves are saying 'everything is ok', the media is ONLY about doom, gloom and sex these days so this alone should throw some red flags. We'll know in 1 month how bad this really is, what we can take away from the cdc and media is that everyone is responsible for themselves and their own safety.

Comment: This doesn't seem to make sense (Score 1) 269

by FrozenToothbrush (#48027465) Attached to: Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time

Of course we have common programs on the task bar or desktop. The start menu is there for an easy, fast way to access everything else. I might only use the start menu a few times a day for those obscure programs, but it is still the 'best' way we have of accessing them. 'Invisible' menus and full screen tile displays that obscure ones work are not the way to go as the current situation should suggest to them.

It just seems that they're trying to justify their position with this, they should be giving the customer what they want. And yes, for all you marketers; in this case the customers know what they want as evidence by this.

Comment: Re:If true thats great (Score 1) 191

Maybe, I think they're heavily involved in these companies so these things happen more 'naturally' and therefore more acceptable. For example, if a person with close ties to the government is on the board and wants something done then it's normally done. This is how companies work. The other workers can voice dissenting opinions all they want.

Comment: Re:MUCH easier. (Score 1) 239

Thank you for this post. These silly stories by news agencies are simply meant to drum up sales. These "moral delima" articles are written by people who have no idea about programming or ai. An ai will never encounter a moral delima in the same way a human does, it simply operates too fast and is aware of so much more. It is also capable of much more simultaneously - with the only limit being the processing power and sensory input. The thing people should concern themselves with is a HUMAN taking control of the computer and causing accidents.

Comment: I hope they bring them back (Score 1) 544

I've been wanting a slide keyboard on a high end phone for years, they just stopped making them. Personally I can't stand typing on glass, plus you give up a lot of control on games. I often miss my old Epic 4g and realize in hindsite that it was a better phone than anything out today.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 753

by FrozenToothbrush (#47460647) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills
Gold has value to people for a number of reasons, it has for thousands of years. Gold is used in electronics if you're looking for a 'market use'. Every major civilization in history started out using gold before their eventual collapse, often coinciding with when they got off of gold and switched to fiat currency/currency dilution.

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