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Comment: You should not trust any company (Score 0) 305

by FritzSolms (#39567873) Attached to: Microsoft Counted As Key Linux Contributor
Unlike non-profit organizations which are generally accountable to society or a subset thereof, companies are only accountable to shareholders. If the choice is between "do good" and "increase shareholder value" they are obliged to follow the latter. "Do good" acts are tus only done if they are aligned with optimizing shareholder value. This holds for any corporate and I do not like it if certain corporates (e.g. Google) try and create a perception that they are a "do no evil company". It is only that that image can provide a lot of shareholder value, but trust -- NOOOOOO

Comment: Its not about that project - its more general (Score 2) 115

by FritzSolms (#37626306) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Spreading the Word About At-Risk Open Source Projects?
If the poster had given the name, the focus might have been on how to safe that particular project whilst the question is more general (and more important). What infrastructure has open source got in place to safe abandoned software projects in general?

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