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Comment: Re:$450 Million (Score 2) 97 97

100% Correct, this isn't a punishment that will prevent Apple from doing exactly the same thing further down the road.

Damages should be punitive, like what's happening in Sweden, where fines are directly linked to income.

Just to be a bit pedantic.
While the driver were indeed a Swedish national, the infraction, and the fine, happened in Finland.
Finland recently changed their laws to make their speeding ticket fines (and possible other fines) proportional to the perpetrators wealth.

Comment: Re:Ignore the draft registration issue. (Score 1) 734 734

I'm not a citizen and I was forced to register and required to prove it at my next green card interview.

Yes if you are a male of 18 years of age you are required by law to register for Selective Service. Isn't it just strange, the way the feminist groups aren't fighting for equality and screaming about the total lack of gender-blind inclusiveness on this issue?

Clearly, "equality" means "I get the same privileges you get, but I definitely don't want the same responsibilities you potentially could be saddled with".

Then perhaps US males should campaign to get rid of the draft on gender equality grounds?
I don't hear you fighting for males to get less pay for the same work so that we can get gender equality, why would you think that females should do something similar?

Comment: Re:Reall problem: German radiation phobia (Score 2) 212 212

I don't know exactly what the EU regulation says, but it could be that they allow for different levels for regular food stuff, and food stuff gathered from nature (mushrooms, berries and game). At least that's the divide that the Swedish levels go by. The limts is Sweden for regular food stuff is 300 Bq/kg, and for wild game, mushrooms and berries it is 1500 Bq/kg.

Comment: Re:quelle surprise (Score 3, Informative) 725 725

Nuclear power is an imperfect example as well, because the argument there isn't about the science - no one is disputing that nuclear reactions exist, and that electricity can be generated. The argument is more about whether humans can build and manage nuclear power plants with the near perfection that is required.

Oh, ye of little faith. There are absolutely people who believe that nuclear reactions doesn't not work.
There are nutters everywere.

Comment: Re:Graphene products - where to dump them?? (Score 1) 88 88

Since graphene is pure coal, it would be rather easy to burn it.
I am sure it would be quite easy to make it react with other chemicals to dissolve it. Maybe you could even make alcohol from it? The possibilities are endless. Just because it is mechanically strong doesn't mean it is indestructible.

Comment: Re:Duh, they are a publisher (Score 1) 463 463

It seems like you didn't read the article carefully. The PS3 70 million number were from November 2012, with an IDC estimate of 77 million sold in January 2013.
So the odds are that the PS3 did have higher shipping numbers than the Xbox 360 by March 31th, when Xbox 360 reached 77 million.

Comment: Re:Man of La Mancha (Score 3, Insightful) 354 354

Let me tell you a story. A bunch of Swedish guys stay in a hotel in the US. Their manager speaks Spanish and chats to the staff. The staff complain the Swedes don't tip. So the manager talks to them and explains they should all put a dollar bill on the table each day. Some of them leave change and the cleaners tell the manager this is unacceptable. Eventually all but one of them do the crisp $1 per day thing. The one that doesn't claims that tipping is feudal and turns the cleaners into supplicants, the hotel should pay the staff a decent wage like in Sweden, the US should have a social democratic party like in Sweden to stick up for the workers and so on and so on and refuses to do it.

When he checks out he finds out the cleaners have put on the porn channel every day after he left the room and turned it off just before he got back.

I think we can all learn a lesson from that story, can't we?

I would say that the lesson is that hotel cleaners in the US are criminals. And that the tipping system in the US sucks.
If the cleaners (or others in the service industry) feel they are entitled to the tip, it is not really a tip any more, it is just a hidden direct taxation for services.

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