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Colliding Particles Can Make Black Holes After All 269

Posted by Soulskill
from the act-now-while-supplies-last dept.
cremeglace writes with this excerpt from ScienceNOW: "You've heard the controversy. Particle physicists predict the world's new highest-energy atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva, Switzerland, might create tiny black holes, which they say would be a fantastic discovery. Some doomsayers fear those black holes might gobble up the Earth — physicists say that's impossible — and have petitioned the United Nations to stop the $5.5 billion LHC. Curiously, though, nobody had ever shown that the prevailing theory of gravity, Einstein's theory of general relativity, actually predicts that a black hole can be made this way. Now a computer model shows conclusively for the first time that a particle collision really can make a black hole." That said, they estimate the required energy for creating a black hole this way to be roughly "a quintillion times higher than the LHC's maximum"; though if one of the theories requiring compact extra dimensions is true, the energy could be lower.

Comment: Re:what do you think? (Score 4, Insightful) 347

by Fribulator (#28327097) Attached to: Scientists Wonder What Fingerprints Are For
Although that seems like a good idea at first, if the treatment was powerful enough to remove his fingerprints, it could have caused some nerve damage as well, which could cause his diminished sensitivity. However, if he (and other such people) were to submit to tests and scans and general research, they would surely prove helpful in deciphering the mystery of the fingerprint.

Comment: Re:The worst is yet to come (Score 3, Interesting) 499

by Fribulator (#17365610) Attached to: George Orwell Was Right — Security Cameras Get an Upgrade
" in the UK it's the yobs and hooligans who are to blame "

I agree, but in the UK everyone aged 13-25 is seen as a hooligan. I'm 14 and in Britain (and law abiding in case you were wondering) and many people about 40+yo will cross the road to avoid me, just in case I decide to pull a knife on them. I could see cameras like these telling me (and people like me) to clear off just for walking around and seeming menacing.

Also, to add to the growing list of stupid laws in Britan, in the town where I live you can be fined for caught with hood up in the high street. In all weathers.

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