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Comment: Re:Dishonest (Score 4, Informative) 738

by Frett2 (#31780924) Attached to: Verizon CEO Says "We Will Hunt Heavy Users Down"
In his defense that quote was taken out of context. In the actual interview being quoted he is referring to his company purchasing a few iPads to explore the technology.

From the interview transcript:

SEIDENBERG: -- they want, when they do it. (Laughter.)
But, on balance, they're good for the industry. They create -- if you don't mind, I'll just -- let me extend to the iPad --

MURRAY: Yeah, sure --

SEIDENBERG: -- just to give you a -- (inaudible) -- everybody's familiar with this. So, like everybody else, you know, we're interested in it. So we had our -- some of our technology people go out and buy a couple of devices --

MURRAY: You didn't stand in line on Saturday?

SEIDENBERG: No, I had somebody else stand in line. (Laughter.) But we had people standing in line.

Today is a good day for information-gathering. Read someone else's mail file.