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The 10 Most Absurd Scientific Papers 127

Posted by samzenpus
from the burning-potential-of-fire dept.
Lanxon writes "It's true: 'Effects of cocaine on honeybee dance behavior,' 'Fellatio by fruit bats prolongs copulation time,' and 'Are full or empty beer bottles sturdier and does their fracture-threshold suffice to break the human skull?' are all genuine scientific research papers, and all were genuinely published in journals or similar publications. Wired's presentation of a collection of the most bizarrely-named research papers contains seven other gems, including one about naval fluff and another published in The Journal of Sex Research."

Comment: Why stop there? (Score 5, Insightful) 752

by Freestonepilgrim (#30504330) Attached to: The Environmental Impact of PHP Compared To C++ On Facebook
Why not rewrite everything in assembly? This comparison comes to a conclusion without any facts to back it up. As others have pointed out there is development time and compile time associated with C++... and what about ongoing development? Where does 10-1 come from? Are you assuming they aren't doing any optimization or using any sort of accelerator? I've personally re-written code in C++ from php, and then done the comparison. In our case, we decided the extra maintainability was worth the approx 10-20% increase in speed we saw.

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