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Comment: Re:Why do free contracting work? (Score 5, Insightful) 1098

by Freedom Bug (#46059473) Attached to: FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback'

RMS couldn't care less if other companies profit off of his work.

What he cares about is some company taking his work, making it better, selling it back to him and then not letting him hack on it, fix it, port it to unapproved hardware, use it for unapproved uses, et cetera.

Comment: Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 312

by Freedom Bug (#45292515) Attached to: Sony Issues Detailed PS4 FAQ Ahead of Launch

You can install the update without connecting to the internet:

"However, to use the USB method the first time you take the PS4 system out of the box and before installing system software update 1.50, you’ll need to enable safemode. When the PS4 system is powered off, press and hold the Power Button for seven seconds to enter safemode."

Comment: babysitters (Score 1) 924

by Freedom Bug (#44149851) Attached to: The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens

I instruct the babysitter to SMS me if they need to. I will ignore vibrations from phone calls and emails, but an SMS is rare enough that it's probably the baby sitter, and I will answer it.

But if it is the babysitter, I probably need to leave anyways, so go ahead and kick me out. It would suck if it wasn't the babysitter, but that movie is probably costing me over >$100 because I have to pay the babysitter too, so I get really annoyed at those who ruin it for everybody...

Comment: re: one way range (Score 2) 311

by Freedom Bug (#43868113) Attached to: Tesla To Blanket US With Superchargers In Two Years

I think the idea is that you're supposed to charge overnight at 115V or 230V in Vegas.

That's fine when the edge of the circle is your destination. But the fact that these are one way circles makes the map very deceptive. For example, take a look at the Fall 2013 map. It would seem that Toronto to NYC is a feasible trip, but it isn't, at least not by supercharger.

Comment: 3d printing (Score 1) 320

by Freedom Bug (#42935159) Attached to: Why Hasn't 3D Taken Off For the Web?

Lot of haters in this thread. Here's another example of a great use case for WebGL: 3d printing. Use your web browser to create a 3d model. Hit the print button, and it connects to one of the 3d printing services which fedexes the result to you.

Using a web site is so much more compelling than a standalone app: no installation, easy sharing/collaboration, integration with printing services, etc. But you will want a real computer with a mouse or a Wacom pen -- an iPad app would definitely not work as well.

And it's not like a printable 3d model is going to require a fancy video card or bare metal speeds.

Comment: Replaces one Wired called the best Android tablet (Score 1) 163

by Freedom Bug (#41292919) Attached to: Toys R Us Unveils Android Tablet For Kids

Toys'R'us used to carry the Nabi tablet, which has been replaced by the Nabi 2. In its review, Wired said that the Nabi 2 may be the best Android tablet available for anybody. Of course, that distinction has since been lost to the Nexus 7 and others, but it's a very nice tablet. I was wondering why Toys R Us was not carrying the Nabi 2. Now we know.

Comment: Re:This is why they passed the law (Score 4, Informative) 529

Why would you think that LEDs are bad because you have a poor experience with CFLs?

You're right, many CFLs do have the issues you describe. That makes it a great argument FOR the LED bulbs, which don't have most of the issues you describe. One of the worst characteristics of CFLs is that their lifetime is hit hard by frequent on/off cycles. LED bulbs care about frequent on/off cycles even less than incandescent bulbs.

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