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Comment: Re:Nope. (Score 2, Informative) 268

by FrederikNS (#40972777) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Personal Tape Drive NAS?
Hypothetically a 700 MB linux iso would take 13 minutes and 58 seconds to download on a 7 mbit/s connection. If your tape is in position; then of course it would be faster. But in case that you have to seek to the position of the iso, and you have a 15 minute seek time as Lumpy mentioned, plus the 3 seconds it would take to read, then downloading the iso is still faster.

Comment: Re:Eve onlin (Score 1) 478

by FrederikNS (#27076081) Attached to: How Much Longer Will Physical Game Distribution Survive?

It's not a good indicator at all really.

Actually it is in EVE's case, just recently CCP announced that EVE had seen the all time largest amount of online players, and with the constant development of EVE, including revamping all of the graphics, introducing new AI, making a better introduction for new players, introducing walking around in space stations as well as setting up a business there, coupled with the constant influx of new players, I think the EVE sales is far from saturated.

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