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Comment: Time vs bloat (Score 2, Informative) 1296

by FrankHaynes (#20513573) Attached to: Name Your Favorite Bloat-Free Software
I consider my time more valuable than the RAM for which I have already paid (RAM is a sunk cost at that point).

I would much rather have Bloat-O-Shop take 20 seconds and whatever resources it needs to apply a filter to a huge image than wait 20 MINUTES for Gimp to do the same task in a tiny amount of RAM, assuming I have configured Gimp to use RAM sparingly. I can turn around and send out that image 19 minutes, 40 seconds sooner than the guy (a girl would not be so foolish) using an identical installation of Gimp, so whom do you think gets more work in the future?

[x] I do not expect these arguments to be persuasive to those who spend days/weeks/months slaving over a hot terminal session cranking out software, only to give it away for free.

Logic doesn't apply to the real world. -- Marvin Minsky