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Comment: Re:Which is why corporations are born criminals (Score 0) 247

by FragHARD (#46435365) Attached to: BP Finds Way To Bypass US Crude Export Ban

How is processing CRUDE OIL into PROPANE not processing?????

BP is certainly processing the crude oil which is what the laws say they have to do in order to be able to export products made from it..... So basically whoever wrote this hit piece of an article obviously wants to slant it into 'BP breaking laws' when the truth is BP is simply complying with the laws in processing crude into propane then exporting the propane :)

Comment: Re:Get rid of those things (Score 0) 944

by FragHARD (#45789233) Attached to: 60% of Americans Unaware of Looming Incandescent Bulb Phase Out
Exactly!!! most of the reasons to ban incandescent bulbs I see on here ---> /. are just plain wrong!!!

here are some real facts as determined by a few friends and myself by keeping track of several households that converted all their fixtures from IC to LED in the past year.
#1. they do not last longer, >50 percent fail within 6 months.
#2. they are not cheaper to run in real world scenario's, factor in replacements and other costs and you get less light for more $$$.
#3. they cause more pollution when manufactured.
#4. they cause more pollution when disposed of.
#5. even the newest led's still have flicker and it is still visually obvious and with optical test equipment blatantly obvious.
#6. a growing number of people find visual problems with led's.
#7. the led 'fixtures' generate massive rf and emi interference, ever try using rc radio gear around these things.
#8. they still generate heat both at the led and circuitry.
#9. even a 60watt led does not give the same visually apparent light as a 40watt incandescent bulb... ever try reading by one???
#10 it is just amazing the amount of misinformation about led's trying to make then look better... for some reason???

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