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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - The Pomegranate - the next gen of smart phone. 1

Submitted by Fr05t
Fr05t (69968) writes "A new smart phone, The Pomegranate promises such long time desired features as: Projector, Coffee Perk, Electric Razor, a Harmonica, and more.
"Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it," says a man's voice as a video plays of a businessman hurrying down a flight of stairs while shaving his stubble."

+ - Unlimited is no longer Unlimited with Telus

Submitted by Fr05t
Fr05t (69968) writes "Telus Mobility started selling an "Unlimited" wireless internet (EVDO) plan in 2007, and signed up customers with the promise of unlimited high speed. Many were assured if they signed a 3 year contract this would not change. Apparently they took a page from Verizon Wireless and have begun imposing arbitrary bandwidth caps, and enforcing a very vague TOS clause to start canceling service. Here is a forum post with the letter being sent out, and a blog covering the issue. I guess Telus must not have heard how this turned out for Verizon."

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