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Comment Re:250GB (Score 1) 284 284

I never bothered to think about it. But after I got my business account and kept track a bit, realized I was going over 1TB a month. Without having to worry about caps, I found I was more charitable when it came to opening up torrents for sharing numerous Linux distributions.

Comment Re:Supremacy Clause (Score 1) 601 601

I think you'll find that Gary Johnson (Was GOP, now Libertarian) would be more so than Ron Paul. In fact, he legalized it medically in New Mexico while governing there and admits to having smoked it himself for medical reasons. He's the only candidate I'd consider voting for based on social and economic and international views.

Comment Re:Physicists (Score 1) 166 166

Naw, just reset. Till the next superminded physicists find out to much. It's like the Matrix, only without the flashy show. Keanu plays as the fresh out of college at 18 physicist and the freeze frame encircles a synapse as the electrical charge bounces across and an idea comes to mind. Of course It's also the only way you can tell he had a thought as his face remains impassive.

Comment Achievements for everyone (Score 1) 1582 1582

I don't mind everything having achievements as it gets people to try and do everything at once. But at the same time you'll just get people doing something, just for the achievement, ending up with a dumb comment or tag or whatever they want to achieve just to get that phrase on their account.

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