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Comment: Re:Supremacy Clause (Score 1) 601

by FoxDude0486 (#39146569) Attached to: State Legislatures Attempt To Limit TSA Searches
I think you'll find that Gary Johnson (Was GOP, now Libertarian) would be more so than Ron Paul. In fact, he legalized it medically in New Mexico while governing there and admits to having smoked it himself for medical reasons. He's the only candidate I'd consider voting for based on social and economic and international views.

Comment: Re:Physicists (Score 1) 166

by FoxDude0486 (#33984768) Attached to: Fermilab To Test Holographic Universe Theory
Naw, just reset. Till the next superminded physicists find out to much. It's like the Matrix, only without the flashy show. Keanu plays as the fresh out of college at 18 physicist and the freeze frame encircles a synapse as the electrical charge bounces across and an idea comes to mind. Of course It's also the only way you can tell he had a thought as his face remains impassive.

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