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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Atlanta Meetup! 2

For all Atlanta folks, I know how you'd yearned to meet el FortKnox in person, so now is your chance!
I'll be in Atlanta next weekend (4/30-7/2) for my sister's wedding. Friday and Saturday are tied up with rehersals and wedding stuff... but Sunday afternoon I'll be free for lunch (I'll be leaving from lunch to vacation in florida... and hopefully check out that NASA launch if it gets postponed!).
I talked with bethanie and found a light lunch place near the hotel were we could have lunch (also has free wifi from what bethanie's says). Lets say:

Atlanta Bread Company
3365 Piedmont Road, Tower Place
Atlanta, GA 30305

I'll be there with the wife and two kids... I think bethanie is bringing the fam. I'm hoping TL and Em will also be there. Any other Atlantians up for it??
I'd like to keep in touch via email so we use cells or something in case something falls through or I get lost ;)

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Atlanta Meetup!

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