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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Movie Review: Sin City [No Spoilers] 7

You don't normally see me make a movie review. That's cause I usually like everything I go to, and when I don't like something, its god awful.
But once in a blue moon I'll watch something and think its so fantastic I have to share. This is a movie people don't already know is good (like the LoTR trilogy). Last time I felt this way was when I saw the Matrix at the movie theater (before everyone figured out it was so good).

Anywho, just finished watching Sin City on Starz this afternoon (while the kids napped). Yeah, I'm waaay late on this (2 kids == not many chances to go to the movies), but this is something I know some have missed.

What can I say? Well, first off it was gory... not just bloody... gory. Really nasty gore, but its, surprisingly, not that bloody (the B&W thing made it that way). But if you can avoid that, I'd say... in a word, exquisite.

Let me say that I don't dig 'artsy' movies... at all. Art in B&W? Overused. Usually when someone puts something in B&W, they are already at a disadvantage in my eyes. I went into this (mostly) B&W movie with this mindset. After watching it, I don't know how it could be that good and in color. The B&W really made for a better movie, and that means a lot coming from me...
The acting was fantastic, especially Mickey Rourke (just did an absolute great job. I was a big fan of Ron Perlman as Hellboy, but now I'm convinced Rourke could do a better job). The style was very graphic novel. The villans you hated, and the heros weren't all that 'good'. Very dark, but done just perfectly. One I plan on buying.

Best of all? There'll be a Sin City 2 and Sin City 3.
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Movie Review: Sin City [No Spoilers]

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  • Frank Miller is tha bomb. Sin City being first among many of his efforts. Oh, did I mention that he was the guy who made Batman dark and scary again with the Dark Knight Returns?
    • I am bound by a blood oath to say Dark Knight is second or worse compared to this! []
      • DKR would be in the top ten, but there's much better stuff out there. Anyone who doesn't recognize the supremacy of Watchmen just needs to go away. But between Watchmen and DKR, I would place Maus, a Superman story I can't remember the name of (came out about 18 months or two years ago), and probably a couple of others.
    • Batman was already heading in that direction, though Miller's work did kick it up a notch. Sadly, it overshadowed 'Year One'. Sadder still, writers have spent the past 20 years making Batman darker to the point of characiture, missing the best bits of DKR.

      And let's just forget about DKR2. Yech.
  • Definitely one of my all-time favourite movies, and probably the best comic adaptation of all time. The short story opening the film was what Rodriguez used to convince Frank Miller to let him make the whole movie. Evidently Rodriguez did that scene (shot and post-prod) in a day to convince Miller his ideas would work because Miller wasn't keen on selling the rights. The graphic novels were followed closely - ready-made storyboards as it were...

    Wikipedia has a good article on Sin City [], and here's Wired's ar []
    • I give the Movie "Two shots of hard rum , the kind of rum that tastes like a bitter cold rejection , cutting into my heart and letting the blood flow freely around my body, It was a movie like any other , but somehow very different , maybe it was the eyes , but this girl was made of stone".

"What people have been reduced to are mere 3-D representations of their own data." -- Arthur Miller