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FortKnox's Journal: Look! Perl is better than C++ and Java! 5

Journal by FortKnox
The new poll makes me wonder. The "best scripting language" contains both C/C++ and Java.

Granted, some old-school C coders may script in C, but who SCRIPTS in C++ or Java? I think they are just up there to have a poll that shows perl is better.
Now, don't get me wrong, I think perl is a wonderful scripting language. I just don't htink its the answer to large applications or large web apps.

I think the title of the poll should change to "what's the best language", or C++ and Java should be dropped from the selections for ksh, sh, or even .BAT
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Look! Perl is better than C++ and Java!

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  • I script in C using csh.
  • C++ and Java are not scripting languages. They don't belong in the poll. I wouldn't even count javascript as a scripting language because its confined to browser programming for the most part(except in MS-land, where it can be used anywhere vbscript can, go figure)

    VBScript and Ruby are a couple of really good scripting languages that were left off so they could put C++ and Java in there.

    But yeah, I agree, as far as scripting languages go Perl rocks. I wish it were easier to combine genuinely easy scripting languages with powerful Object Oriented beasts like Java. Admit it, even in a big Java program, there are times that you wish that GUI button would fire off a Perl script rather than access some method in a big OO hierarchy.

    • JavaScript, you can use as a scripting language as a replacement for AppleScript on the Mac.
    • they added a regexp package in jdk1.4, it might be useful for getting the pattern matching aspects of perl into java. I've never used it, so I dont know how good it is.
      • Regexp in Java aren't as good as perl regexp, but, on the other side, Java's String object has great methods that do wonders to string manipulation.

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