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Comment: Re:Backdoors Will be Used (Score 2) 308

by FooRat (#43200251) Attached to: CCTV Hack Takes Casino For $33 Million

When you build backdoors into systems you weaken security.

Are you really honestly claiming that, based on this one rare and isolated incident, that casinos all do good to improve their overall security by getting rid of their cameras? I suggest you think about what you're saying again.

This is like those morons who think you shouldn't wear seatbelts because in 1 in 10,000 accidents they hurt you instead of help save you.

Comment: Re:Turnabout is fair play. (Score 0) 308

by FooRat (#43200239) Attached to: CCTV Hack Takes Casino For $33 Million

Don't really see a problem here. Casinos expolits players

"Exploit" is one of those fuzzy words you use when you don't really have a word for any real wrong-doing to put in its place. Try replace the word with something more concrete, like "steal from", and the argument falls flat.

It's a stretch to equate what casinos do, with blatant stealing.

Also, since you are literally trying to justifying stealing, then on the face of it, it seems to be your morals that are in doubt here. You are a person who admits he "doesn't see a problem with stealing", but you go around attempting to morally criticize others who are not stealing, but providing an entertainment service that is entered into on a mutually voluntary basis.

Comment: Re:2nd as last resort (Score 1) 597

by FooRat (#42846939) Attached to: DHS Can Seize Your Electronics Within 100 Mi.of US Border, Says DHS

If one opens a history book, one thing one learns is that NEVER in the history of oppressed peoples, ever, did the oppressed people entirely stop fighting for their freedom. Ever. It's never happened. So it might seem like Americans have turned into a bunch of couch potatoes, but those eager to destroy the Bill of Rights should not get too excited thinking that it's about to happen now for the first time in history that the victims just roll over. Not gonna happen. As long as there are infringers of freedom, there will be freedom fighters - it is in human nature.

Comment: Re:Left out the important qualifier... (Score 1) 210

by FooRat (#42846833) Attached to: In 2011, Fracking Was #2 In Causing Greenhouse Gas In US

Given the whole purpose of fracking is to release natural gas (which is primarily methane), this amazing revelation amounts to, "Fracking works!" Thanks for telling us that, /.

Lol .. in other news radtea poured gasoline onto the ground and then tried to start his car, puzzled that it wouldn't start.

Comment: Re:It Believes (Score 1) 222

So why do they keep going after aircraft

They don't "keep going after aircraft" .. check the stats in my other comment next to that one. Aircraft hijacking attempts are less than 1 fifth of 1 percent of terrorist attacks. In other words over 99.8% of terrorist attacks are not targeted at aircraft, and over 99.3% are not targeted at aircraft or airports or anything airline-related. Please do yourself a favor, go to the Global Terrorism Database that I linked, download the stats, and open them yourself.

Comment: Re:I could have worked for one of these outfits (Score 1) 222

It was rather shocking actually and has permanently destroyed my acceptance of capitalism ... someone needs to legislate this out of existence because we're fucked if society ends up at the hands of nutjobs like them

A minor detail you probably failed to notice is that the primary demand for systems like this is driven by government-mandated legislation-driven compulsory security requirements. Society is already being controlled by nutjobs like them, they're called 'Congress'.

Comment: Re:It Believes (Score 2) 222

Islamic terrorists want to die in the attack so they can become martyrs and collect their 72 virgins

It is because of this that terrorists mostly prefer not to target airlines ... because airline security is so tight, they tend to end up just getting caught and rot in jail. But it's trivial to blow up e.g. a cafe in Tel Aviv for example and collect your virgins.

Comment: Re:It Believes (Score 1) 222

Because terrorists are dumb and they do keep trying to target aircraft. ... That is why they always go for the big targets like aircraft

False and false - a quick check of the Global Terrorism Database reveals that less than 0.2% of all terrorist attacks since 1991 were aircraft hijackings, and in fact less than 0.7% were targeted at any kind of airline-related infrastructure at all. Over 99% of terrorist attacks do not involve airlines or airports. (Anyone can download the database, and confirm these figures.)

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