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Comment: Re:Windows 8... no more (Score 1) 294

by FlyingGuy (#46702441) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Update Released, With Improvements For Non-Touch Hardware

Gui Editor - Easy, just get Kate. Not KWrite, but plain old Kate. Syntax highlight for just about every language, columnar selection and paste and all the bells and whistles you could want.

Sick to death of VI or VIM or EMACS for the simplest of CUI chores? Get Nano it is pico's older brother and works quite well.

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by FlyingGuy (#46610381) Attached to: Yahoo May Build Its Own YouTube

This is really simple. They have the infrastructure, they have the bandwidth. There are a lot of really quality content generators out there that Google just rapes. Here is a really cogent explanation ( ironically on You Tube ) by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose.

Really listen to what he is talking about and you can understand how Yahoo could just kick Google's ass in this space.

Comment: ALL of them are security problems... (Score 1) 207

Every can be broken into and some asshole can do arbitrary things on a users machine because...

  • Defensive programming is not uppermost in their minds, performance is and that is a problem.
  • Old code that should have been ripped out with extreme prejudice long ago still exists, eg: Driveby's

And on top of those two things there is the ever changing HTML specification, the ever changing CSS specification, and the bit of garbage called DOM.

And cracked by a "carefully constructed URL?!? What!?!?! Can these people simply not write a safe URL parser? I mean WTF?!?!?!?!

TBL dame up with the idea that was essentially Anonymous FTP and a bit of code that used a simple set of tags to format text so it displayed like the author intended it to be seen was pretty cool. Then came the committees with "Wouldn't that be cool" ideas and they implemented them with no regard for the implications.

The whole bloody mess in one huge kludge of hideously bad code, bad definitions, and bad implementations of pure garbage designed by a circle jerk.

We have waited for years for them to clean this fucking mess up and what have we gotten:

  • Check boxes that still wont be sent back unless they are checked, if the are not checked they simply don't exist.
  • Input boxes that still won't take a mask so that input is formatted correctly.
  • Validation on the form submit event?!?!?! WTF, can we not have to submit the entire thing before we inform the user that their input does not meet expectations.
  • Arbitrary timeouts that prevent large data sets from loading ( Ajax )
  • An object model in Javascript that is utterly laughable and worse then C++ and Java which is saying quite a lot.
  • A scripting language that is about as robust as wet cleanex

It is time for the madness to stop. Lets start over and make it correct this time.

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Since I cannot reply to all, I will just reply to myself and perhaps you all will read it.

Digital cameras do a fine job for pretty much all utilitarian photography and to deny that would be foolish.

Having said that, in fine art photography, images where you want a very large amount of latitude, and where color really makes a difference they all still pretty much still stand in the shadow of quality film and quality lenses. If I want shadow detail I have to have some camera that will take three different exposures at three different ISO's then mathematically average them to get a mediocre image at best.

As with most things digital it is a race to mediocrity. Music, Film and most everything else. All the qualities we had with film are now replaced by lies of mathematical tricks to go and invent the latent image in a bit stream where there is no data because digital is slow. Unless you print the image it will be lost. Put a memory stick on a shelf and come back and see if it can still be read 100 years later. There are negatives that have been properly stored that I can make a print from that are over 100 years old. There are book that are over 100 years old that I can still read.

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by FlyingGuy (#46342583) Attached to: Google Fighting Distracted Driver Laws

The rise in pedestrian / vehicle / bicycle collisions and the resulting injuries and fatalities need to be addressed and it needs to be addressed as a whole.

Distracted Driving / Distracted Walking / Distracted bicycling all lead to a poor outcome and it is 98% preventable. Unplug and Drive, Unplug and Walk, unplug and cycle. I see so many people walking into an intersection while texting or whatever it is they are doing when staring at their phone when they should be looking to see if they are going to get splattered that it is a small miracle it does not happen more often.

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by FlyingGuy (#46196665) Attached to: Dead Reckoning For Your Car Eliminates GPS Dead Zones

Accelerometers simply enable the estimated speed and direction to be kept up to date. And using that to update position is dead reckoning, as we have both described.

But that is not DR since those accelerometers can account for set and drift, and by definition that is inertial navigation. DR is simply I am at point X NOW and if I go in a direction for n amount of time at a given speed I will be at point Y. There is no interpositional correction.

As a pilot I frequently fly without a GPS, hence to better understand my position ( other then looking down at the ground and matching features to a chart ) I rely on reports of wind speed and direction at various altitudes to change my course so that it is a vector of those winds to arrive at a given point.

From Wikipedia on Automotive Dead Reckoning...

Dead reckoning is today implemented in some high-end automotive navigation systems in order to overcome the limitations of GPS/GNSS technology alone. Satellite microwave signals are unavailable in parking garages and tunnels, and often severely degraded in urban canyons and near trees due to blocked lines of sight to the satellites or multipath propagation. In a dead-reckoning navigation system, the car is equipped with sensors that know the wheel diameter and record wheel rotations and steering direction. These sensors are often already present in cars for other purposes (anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control) and can be read by the navigation system from the controller-area network bus. The navigation system then uses a Kalman filter to integrate the always-available sensor data with the accurate but occasionally unavailable position information from the satellite data into a combined position fix.

This is in principle not inertial navigation, but then again it is not DR in the truest sense of the phrase as it was recognized in navigation. We can call it something else, we can call it lots of things but it is not, imho, DR because the the nav system in the car is constantly updating a position based upon speed and direction of travel. This is a hybrid of inertial and DR so call it something else, just don't call it DR because the cars system is trying to obtain a fix ever second or so. I think it is great that they are trying to do these things, but I also value calling something what it is and not something that it is not.

Comment: Re:Inertial Navigation - not dead reckoning (Score 1) 151

by FlyingGuy (#46196047) Attached to: Dead Reckoning For Your Car Eliminates GPS Dead Zones

As the poster correctly points out there is a large difference.

Inertial Navigation is where you have a set of gyro's and accelerometers measuring your movement in 3 dimensions for aircraft and submarines and in two dimensions for land based vehicles, which in turn is used to update your position based upon an initial position fix ( or in this case the last fix from the GPS ).

Dead Reckoning is simply, "I have been going on course 213 for the last three hours at 5 knots so I must be here." The difference is that the DR cannot take into account set and drift and the accuracy of speed measurement is quite important.

OK, now lets take a cars NAV system. If it is a typical device it is has pretty much the entire road map loaded as a set of links and nodes with background tiles that are pre-rendered for the given zoom levels it is designed to support. If it looses contact with the satellite it is pretty much just plain lost, now throw in a fairly accurate gyro and set of accelerometers and when the satellite signal goes bye bye you flip over to inertial navigation which can be made pretty accurate since given the fact that cars generally stay on known roads you can then perform path inference based upon the on board map so that if the inertial system seems to think you are driving through a building the system can correct itself by looking at where it has been and put you position back on the road where you should be.

So the summary is quite miss leading because the editor does not know the difference or the sales weenie from the company thought that "Dead Reckoning" sounded cool.

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by FlyingGuy (#46016719) Attached to: Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay

If you did you are / were a complete fool and here is why...

Our government, believe it or not, generally acts in the best interest of us. How do I know this? Because at a time in my life I worked for it.

You can site all of the lobbying abuses, sweetheart deals, back room dealing, etc. etc. but the general thrust of your argument would still be wrong

Senator A votes to have deal B go through and for the most part he does it for two reasons, re-election money or to get a project / company / entity to do business in his or her state because fundamentally his interests generally align with the people who elected him or her to office.

When it comes to national security everyone had a total freak out when a bunch of guys from Saudi Arabia flew airliners full of people into buildings. Was the NSA kinda clueless? Maybe, were our politicians? Very much so, so they did what all politicians do, they gave an agency carte blanche and looked the other way while saying you had damn well better cover our asses from here on out..

What is really funny about this, is that the so called "Meta Data" is noting more than your phone bill. Ah but the chink in the armor are phones you can buy with a prepaid sim in them for cash. You don't know who made a call you just know that a call was made, so even that data is hard to deal with because you actually have to track the device down, put some eyes on the ground and search for 1 person out of the population of [insert large metropolitan area here ] to see who is using that phone. I think we could go a long way towards prevention of bad things my outlawing them. You want to buy a pre-paid cell phone, fine, we scan your photo ID so at least we have a picture of the person or perhaps a finger print. Do that and we catch half of the gang bangers tomorrow.

You see I really don't care who knows the number I made a call to or got a call from, what I do care about is them knowing the content of the call, and I am not even sure the new data center in Utah could hold all audio from every call made. What this is really is know if two baddies are talking to each other, or a baddie is calling a guy who works for the FAA, an airline, a company that manufactures chemicals that can be made into explosives, etc. you get the idea.

As to Diane Feinstein I think she should have to register as a foreign agent of Israel since she their US lobbying arm. I used to vote for her but have voted against in the last two senatorial elections and I am a Democrat!

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by FlyingGuy (#45961519) Attached to: Why the World Needs OpenStreetMap

I have found that Navteq -> Nokia -> Here have the best maps AND the best Link / Node sources.

Google just plain sucks because you have to feed from their API but they do have damn accurate maps, as to their routing engine well...

OSM is pretty good but the level of cruft is quite high and takes a LOT of work to make it usable so...

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by FlyingGuy (#45872259) Attached to: India Launches Indigenous Cryogenic Rocket

What do you mean "stealing"? The plans for cryogenic engines have been all over the internet for a long time now. The basic technology of the original F1 engine from the Apollo program was pretty common knowledge over 10 years ago. You really can't steal a design that has been pretty much open to the public at large. The innovations of the F1 engine were the cooling of the nozzle with the cryogenic fuel and the turbo-pumps, both of which have been pretty well understood for a long time.

Admittedly, scaling them might pose a technical challenge but I don't think it would that hard. The hard stuff was dealing with the shock wave problems that wanted to tear everything apart and even solutions to those problems have been in open scientific journals for a long long time.

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