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Comment: Re:Firing in US (Score 1) 582

by Flyerman (#39646547) Attached to: Interview With TSA Screener Reveals 'Fatal Flaws'

Congratulations. You've completely ignored the entire conversation to say something obvious about the TSA's role in general.

Thank you for your contribution.

I suppose you're the kind of person who replies to people discussing different games with something about using Linux and not playing games because they're stupid.

Comment: Re:Firing in US (Score 3, Insightful) 582

by Flyerman (#39643623) Attached to: Interview With TSA Screener Reveals 'Fatal Flaws'

If an employer was loading guns at random, and paying you to point them at people and pull the trigger, could you just walk away? Or would you feel a responsibility to stop them?

That is what happened in this case. The TSA is NOT making sure everyone who goes onto a plane is not a terrorist, resulting in plane-guns that are randomly loaded, or not, with terrorists.

You want to just walk away and ignore the situation entirely.

Comment: Re:How to tell whether you are infected (Score 1) 429

by Flyerman (#39588109) Attached to: Flashback Trojan Hits 600,000 Macs and Counting

I agree, but there are a lot of things Apple-related that get blown out of proportion. I'm a Windows guy and I still think this.

Foxconn, antennagate, missing iPhones, whatever the latest 1% issue with iPad 3 is... It all gets too much press for no reason I can really think of.

Comment: Re:The Warrior's bland acronym, MMI, obscures... (Score 2) 160

I think, and my thoughts cross the barrier into the synapses of the machine - just as the good doctor intended.
But what I cannot shake, and what hints at things to come, is that thoughts cross back.
In my dreams the sensibility of the machine invades the periphery of my consciousness.
Dark. Rigid. Cold. Alien.
Evolution is at work here, but just what is evolving remains to be seen.

-- Commissioner Pravin Lal,
"Man and Machine"

One has to look out for engineers -- they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb. -- Marcel Pagnol