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Comment: I didn't loose (Score 1) 467

by Flu (#39682149) Attached to: Magical Thinking Is Good For You
I had a - what probably counts as - preliminary hearing, in a custody battle this morning, Friday 13th. And my daugther didn't loose. Her mother did, though - all of the mother's claims were dismissed, while all of mine were accepted. I just read through my statement (which, BTW, I wrote myself, my laywer just pointed out the important differences between my and my dautgher's mother's statements) to the court, and I (still) conclude the same thing - chance, good luck, or faith, doesn't make a difference. Good preparation does.

Comment: Samsung Nexus official specs (Score 1) 309

by Flu (#37763782) Attached to: Android Ice Cream Sandwich SDK Released
Samsung Sweden today issued a pressrelease with the Samsung Nexus and Android 4.0 specifications:

4,65" hd super-amoled display, 1280x720 pixels
1,2 gigahertz dual-core
HSPA+ 21Mbps DL; HSUPA 5.76Mbps UL
Size: 135,5 x 67,94 x 8,94 millimeter, 135 gram
16GB internal memory
Front cam 1,3 mipxel for videoconf
Back cam 5 mpixel
NFC, Bluethooth 3.0, wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n, usb 2.0

More information at


+ - Rocket amateurs attempts single-seat rocket launch->

Submitted by Flu
Flu writes: Tomorrow, Danish rocket amateurs attemts a launch of a single-seated (or actually — single-standing) rocket launch. The goal is to prove that a rocket launch doesn't have to have costs of astronomical sizes.

The rocket is a full-scale test, (hopefully) proving a method capable of lauching a single passenger into space for less than 0,02% of the cost of a normal NASA launch. Rocket amateurs Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen have spent approximately €50.000 ($65.000), using commonly available parts, rather than specially designed ones.

The article is google translated from Swedish to Enlish.

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Comment: Let the team decide! (Score 1) 520

by Flu (#31966426) Attached to: Best Seating Arrangement For a Team of Developers?
Just buy furniture that can be arranged any configuration. The best seating arrangement is best decided by the individuals. Some people get really bothered if someone can peek over their shoulders, while others couldn't care less. Similarly, some might be very distracted by any movement that is visisble for them in the edge of their line-of-sight, and such people would actually prefer to work faceing directly into a wall. Also, the team might change in the future, with people entering and leaving.

After Learning Java Syntax, What Next? 293

Posted by timothy
from the nice-hot-bath dept.
Niris writes "I'm currently taking a course called Advanced Java Programming, which is using the text book Absolute Java, 4th edition, by Walter Savitch. As I work at night as a security guard in the middle of nowhere, I've had enough time to read through the entire course part of the book, finish all eleven chapter quizzes, and do all of the assignments within a month, so all that's left is a group assignment that won't be ready until late April. I'm trying to figure out what else to read that's Java related aside from the usual 'This is how to create a tree. This is recursion. This is how to implement an interface and make an anonymous object,' and wanted to see what Slashdotters have to suggest. So far I'm looking at reading Beginning Algorithms, by Simon Harris and James Ross."

The Murky Origins of Zork's Name 70

Posted by Soulskill
from the murky-enough-for-a-grue dept.
mjn writes "Computational media researcher Nick Montfort traces the murky origins of Zork's name. It's well known that the word was used in MIT hacker jargon around that time, but how did it get there? Candidates are the term 'zorch' from late 1950s DIY electronics slang, the use of the term as a placeholder in some early 1970s textbooks, the typo a QWERTY user would get if he typed 'work' on an AZERTY keyboard, and several uses in obscure sci-fi. No solid answers so far, though, as there are problems with many of the possible explanations that would have made MIT hackers unlikely to have run across them at the right time."

+ - Laptop battery fire kills five->

Submitted by Flu
Flu writes: Four children aged 1 to 9 and their mother died from the toxic smoke, likely caused by an overheated laptop battery, as the battery caught fire late one night. The state forensic laboratory begun an investigation after the fire and today published their results. The remains of the computer was however so devastated that neither brand or year of manufacture could be determined.

The house lacked smoke-detector, and the laptop had most likely been placed on a coach when it caught fire.

The link is autotranslated using google translate, but the original (in Swedish) is here.

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+ - Man Controls Cybernetic Hand with Thoughts->

Submitted by MaryBethP
MaryBethP writes: Scientists in Italy announced Wednesday that Pierpaolo Petruzziello, a 26-year-old Italian who had lost his left forearm in a car accident, was successfully linked to an artificial limb that was neural planted in the median and ulnar nerves. He has learned to control the artificial limb with his mind. According to cnet, Petruzziello says he could feel sensations in it, as if the lost arm had grown back again.

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The Internet

+ - Pirate Bay judge not biased, says Court of Appeals->

Submitted by
Flu writes: "The judge of the Pirate Bay trial, Tomas Norström, was not biased. This was decided by the Stockholm Court of Appeals today, according to several swedish newspapers. The reason for testing judge Norström for bias, was that he, while handling the Pirate bay trial, also was member of both Swedish Association for Copyright, and is also appointed president of another lobbying-organization ( Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, which is fully integrated with the global intellectual rights organization AIPPI). More information is available in, for example, a Translation by Google."
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+ - Appealation judges also biased in Pirate Bay trial

Submitted by Flu
Flu writes: In the aftermath of the Pirate Bay trials, the Stockholm court of Appeals has appointed Ulrika Ihrfeldt as judge handling the appeals. However, only four hours after the news was pusblished, it was revealed that she, too, was possibly biased, based on the fact that she, too, had been a member of the same lobbyorganization (, associated with ) as the music and movie industry lawyers Monique Wadsted and Peter Danowsky.

As a result, the Stockholm court of Appeals made the decision that judge Ihrfeldt will not handle the issue of whether District court judge Tomas Norström was biased, when he sentenced the founders of The Pirate Bay to pay 3.000.000 euros in fines. Instead, it will be three judges lead by judge Anders Eka that handles the issue of bias. But not even judge Eka is said to be without bias; judge Eka is, too, associated with both the president of, and the music and movie industry lawyers Monique Wadsted and Peter Danowsky, though a rearchproject about media law.

Peter Sunde, spokesperson for the Pirate Bay, said in a comment that "we don't find it very amusing that it seems a little difficult to find anyone independent.", but declines to use the word conspiracy: "I only find it very, very, very, very odd that these people know each other a little too well, and spend too much time together".

Judge Norström was originally accused of being biased, since he is also a member of both, and is appointed president of another lobbyorganization (, fully integrated with, while simultaneously leading the Pirate Bay trial in the Stockholm District court. Laywers Wadsted and Danowsky represented the IFPI and MPAA during the trial.

More information is autotranslated from swedish by google.

Comment: Re:Google will have to pay (Score 1) 408

by Flu (#27628555) Attached to: What the Pirate Bay Verdict Could Mean For Google
The reason, is that the swedish law, is a local interpretation of en EU-directive. Thus - assuming that the swedish law is a correct interpretation of the EU-directive, similar acts would be illegal in the complete EU. According to arguments held by the court, anyone in the world is breaking swedish law, independent of their physical location, if they commit a crime on the internet, which is illegal in Sweden. Thus, google can be prosecuted in Sweden. Thus, if the verdict is confirmed in HÃgsta Domstolen, it does mean that google can be prosecuted in Sweden.

Comment: Re:Paranoia? (Score 1) 724

by Flu (#27386199) Attached to: Reliability of Computer Memory?
There is another possible difference as well: I am not 100% sure about Linux, but at least on Windows, getting 0% CPU usage is impossible.

At least on all computer's I've used, there's a multitude of small programs running, each of which seems to want do wakeup briefly every second or so. I don't know why - most of them probably just want's to realize there's nothing for them to do and goes back to wait mode again. However, each of these wakeups, are potentially causing cache-misses, memory swap-ins and outs.

This is not nessecarrily the fault of Windows itself, but the applications running on a normal Windows box. But the end result is the same - an "idle" Windows box excercises the memory more than it really would need to, just because of the behaviour of its applications.

Comment: Checkout Prevas (Score 1) 262

by Flu (#27368865) Attached to: Circuit Board Design For a Small Startup?

Prevas is my employer, a scandinavian-based design house, specialized in developing intelligence in products and industrial systems for the world's leading companies. Over 550 consultants in these fields help make our clients more competitive through innovative, profitable, futureproof solutions.

Prevas is a publicly traded IT consulting company with rock-solid expertise and 20 years' experience. We are based in the Nordic countries and serve clients in a range of industries around the globe.

One of Prevas' strongest competitive advantages is our ability to deliver IT solutions at previously agreed upon terms. These terms might be regarding the functional requirements, financial requirements, or both.

* Prevas deliver 95% of its projects on time, with just 3% of all projects requiring warranty services upon completion.
* As far as customer satisfaction goes, our customer rate us at 8.6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Prevas is a Microsoft Windows Embedded Gold Partner as well as National Instruments Alliance Program Partner, and - of course - have excellent relationship with selected PCB manufacturing plants that are capable of producing anything from prototype to million-unit series. Prevas also have exellent knowledge of the UL, CE, WEE, RoHS and other directives required for producing products for the major world markets.

Reference customers include both major companies such as Nokia, ABB, Panasonic, Siemens, Stoneridge, Volvo, and minor companies that are still growing, including start-ups.

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