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by Floyd-ATC (#47030315) Attached to: Robbery Suspect Tracked By GPS and Killed
Is this what they taught you in school or did you figure it out yourself? Either way, you may want to update yourself on the constitutions of the ~50 countries you're talking about. For starters, there is no "the Governent of Europe". Each country in Europe, even those within the European Union, have their own elected government. By the way, over here the governments are elected by actual majority and not by proxies. Further, if you do some research on the US constitution, you may even find that most of it can be traced back to France. Sorry.

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IMHO MS Access is a poor alternative to a database. Poor jokes aside, MySQL or PG are obvious candidates for the backend but the real problem here is agreeing on a front end that lets the user accomplish more than he/she can already do in MS Access. The obvious question that needs to be answered is therefore "what are you trying to accomplish from switching to a different tool?" First decide what to build, THEN look in the toolbox.

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There's probably an app for this anyway, the badge is unnecessary. Chances are, you're already carrying a computer with an accelerometer, GPS and microphone in your pocket. And you probably even paid for it yourself. You just have to trust whoever built the damned thing that it's not recording everything you say and do. Go ahead, tell me it can't be done.

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by Floyd-ATC (#45898587) Attached to: Red Hat To Help Develop CentOS
RH used to give away their Linux for free before RHEL so this isn't a dramatic change. Also, they can't legally stop CentOS so it makes sense to keep them close. Those of us who already use CentOS may consider it a free RHEL without benefits, but to marketing and executive droids every CentOS installation just means one more server that isn't running RHEL. This may simply be a move by RH to make CentOS "officially count" as RHEL market share so RH looks better on those pie charts.

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