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Comment I've played enough Plague Inc... (Score 1) 100

Hit over 50% worldwide infection rate, then start buying the symptoms that kill and spread. Just make sure you've infected the islands before they cut off water and air travel (Greenland, Iceland, Madagascar, New Guinea and New Zealand have defeated me often enough). Oh, and target the countries that are contributing the most to finding a cure.

Comment I'm gonna have to call AT&T (Score -1) 121

On my iPhone 3G, I dropped from the $30/unlimited to $15/200mb plan, thinking that I'd barely use that much data, since I'm usually at either work or home, and have WiFi in both. But now, I've upgraded to an iPhone 4, and have more ways to use the data (streaming Netflix, Hulu). So, I want to go back to the $30/unlimited plan. I'll have to call AT&T tomorrow and see if I can do that.

Comment Re:Provided... (Score 1) 850

And don't forget the Intel-based Mac required to be able to run the SDK. That'll set you back $599 for a new MacMini (or less if you buy one used).

And, after buying all this equipment and paying the developer fees and actually developing the app, if you want to sell it, you'll have to submit it to Apple and hope they don't deny your submission for some undefined reason (and no, you can't submit your design doc and get pre-approved).

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