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Comment Leak their secrets go to jail (Score 3, Insightful) 261

"go to jail rather than win prizes"

Kerry doesn't seem to have noticed that our government, particularly his boss's administration, is not giving prizes to leakers but rather jailing them. In particular Snowden's prize did not come from the U.S. government, but the mad scramble to capture and punish him certainly did.


Submission + - The Singularity Summit to focus on advanced AI-> 5

An anonymous reader writes: The Singularity Summit 2007 has been announced, to be held September 8th and 9th at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. The theme is "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity". Tickets are only $50. Questions to be explored include: What are the major challenges to achieving advanced AI? What are the benefits and dangers? How far are we from self-improving AI? How should we prepare for this potentially powerful innovation? From the announcement: "Peter Thiel, PayPal Cofounder and Facebook's initial investor, will MC the Singularity Summit and also present his new ideas on financial markets and the Singularity. 'It's clear that the term AI means a lot of different things,' said Thiel. 'It's one of these terms that has been bandied about a great deal, and has been misused a lot. It has been predicted for a long time that AI is right around the corner, and it's taking longer than many people thought it would, with many disappointments along the way. However, it's clear that there's a massive set of issues happening, and people who don't think there's something important going on are just living in a delusional fantasy world'."
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