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Comment Re:what do you need all this stuff for anyway? (Score 1) 343 343

Are you a troll? Because he doesn't fly 9.99 specials, I suspect every flight he has flown has indeed offered free drinks . Every flight I have ever flown has offered "free" food and drinks (free == included in price).

Comment Re:DNS Hijacking (Score 1) 260 260

I use .Kids Place; it only allows apps that I allow to run to be run without a 4-digit PIN to unlock. You could load it with video & allow only the video player. Everything else is blocked.

It's a pretty simple app, I suspect someone could write a kiosk app in a few hours.

I find it disappointing that "Ask Slashdot" questions can be solved in 30 seconds on Google.

Comment How much? (Score 1) 95 95

So, all these comments (at least as of when I last reloaded the page) and noone asking how much to buy a couple bricks? I for one would love to buy a couple bricks to keep by my fireplace. If cheap enough, I'd even burn them sometimes, but if not, would be a fun conversation starter.

C'mon, any Hunkies reading this? Post a reply if you can score me some!

PS: I'm an American of Hungarian decent, not insult intended calling you a Hunky & even if I wasn't, if you were offended, you should lighten up :)

Comment Re:Just wait.... (Score 1) 220 220


A $50 HDD is very small currently (and refurbished), so I'm going to throw that silly figure out & replace it with $100-150, a 2TB drive.

Family videos: Simple 1080p video (not 3D, not multiple angles, etc) is 16GB/hr (on my camera, YMMV). That's just over 100 hours on a 2TB drive. With kids (especially kids in plays/musicals!) this doesn't go as far as you might think.

DVD Collection: Figure 2GB/movie = over 1500 movies at low-def, but let's be realistic, this doesn't look great on a 50"+ TV. HD compressed movies are 10-20GB/movie (IME, YMMV) so we're down to 100 movies.

But wait! You said both on the same drive, so cut both figures in half. Oh, and for 2-3 times the price. Most of everything else you said was spot on, but your mistake was suggesting $50 was enough for storing a "life worth of fotos, videos and [movies]". There is no single HDD big enough for this task at current settings, much less when the industry takes its collective heads out of its collective *** and realizes 1080p isn't all that great - just better than what we had.

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