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Comment: Lack of connection here (Score 1) 475

by Fiznarp (#37613350) Attached to: Big Brother Calls 'Shotgun' In Illinois

Do you have any evidence that they are trying to replace your device with a new one that has a camera? Just because the manufacturer filed for some patent doesn't mean your state is using that technology, or that anyone would want to buy it for that matter. And then there's the tinfoil hat slippery slope conclusion that covering a camera might be illegal someday? Has anyone in your legislature proposed such an idea?

Comment: Re:Alternative (Score 2, Insightful) 299

by Fiznarp (#31875066) Attached to: ClamAV Forced Upgrade Breaks Email Servers

I got hit by the shutdown too, however I'm not upset. If I was paying for it I would have been angry at the vendor for not notifying me. But it's a FREE antivirus service. The folks that publish ClamAV updates aren't under any obligation to keep my systems up and running. If my systems were that important, I'd pay for something with an SLA.

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