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Comment: Re:So now everybody trusts gov't? (Score 1) 173

by Fishchip (#46596113) Attached to: Homeopathic Remedies Recalled For Containing Real Medicine
Well, I would presume they tested some samples and found traces of penicillin. Now, based on those test results, do you think it'd be appropriate for them to publicly announce every bottle has traces of penicillin?

It's the same with food recalls and why they ask you to return these products; if you bought, say, chicken strips that were subsequently recalled due to possibility of listeria contamination (which just happened here in Canada), are you 100% guaranteed to have a bag of chicken listeria? Of course not. But you're sure as fuck returning it.

Comment: Re:Evidence that media cycle is useless (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by Fishchip (#46557639) Attached to: French, Chinese Satellite Images May Show Malaysian Jet Debris
What annoys me more is how every day that someone or some government sees a piece of trash in the ocean from satellite images, it's pushed as headliner news with absurd speculation lasting for hours that it could be a breakthrough in the search... Until inevitably it's confirmed to not be airplane wreckage

This. A wooden pallet? It's like people think the surface of the ocean is pristine and doesn't have any sort of other debris floating on it at all. I would wager one random wooden pallet has a 100% chance of not being from MH370.

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