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Comment Re: #2 (Score 1) 368

You just priced yourself out of your argument. The people still holding onto XP machines are not buying, as you amended it to say, luxury basic needs machines. They're buying the $300 Windows machine, which really is a basic needs machine because it has what your luxury basic needs machine lacks: a low price point. If you think they really need a New MacBook, lobby for a subsidy or start splashing your own cash to help these poor deluded people.

Comment Re:Cheap in which universe?! (Score 1) 174

This is an out of the way device. Do you want to plug your tablet unto your TV and then yank it out whenever you want to take it somewhere? Do you want an old laptop or (god forbid) a desktop sculling around your TV rig/entertainment centre? Some people don't care, some do. You're probably looking at getting a wireless keyboard/mouse on this thing that you can chuck somewhere when you're not using it.

People are too fixated on the specs and 'I can get device X that will work perfectly well in the same capacity!' Yeah, well, you're not making it disappear up alongside or behind your TV.

Comment Re:inb4 the first actual death (Score 1) 141

I've never personally worried about people taking pictures of my kids but I'm a little self-conscious when I bring my DSLR to the park to take pictures of them playing for the grandparents -- like, if there are other kids there with their parents I try to not use the camera. When the MPs roll by on their routine patrols I always half-wonder if they're going to stop and ask me (an almost-middle-aged male) what I'm doing with kids and a camera.

I'm not sure where my caution comes from, I think it may be just from stories I've read about like this. I can see ubiquitous cell phones not being an issue, just because half the time when you see someone with a phone out they're taking a picture, but I always feel a bit weird with the full-sized camera, like there are unseen eyes judging.

Comment Re:Great for nvidia but, (Score 1) 178

I'm in the same position with my 7-year-old ThinkPad T61p (Quadro FX570M). To tie this back into drivers and complaining about nVidia's recent driver screwups, the latest drivers that work with the 8600GT actually accept the Quadro as a valid card and outperform the latest Quadro drivers. (Thank god I figured that out, I was getting sick of 60% fps drops every twenty seconds regardless of what I was playing.)

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