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Comment: Re:Summary factually incorrect (Score 2) 120

by FirstOne (#47658555) Attached to: Gas Cooled Reactors Shut Down In UK

This is not about a defective boiler pump.. It's about a reoccurring problem with broken boiler re-enforcing wires

They found a broken boiler spine in 2007, and spent 150 million pounds investigating fixes.. from what I've read they found more corroded/broken per-stressed re-enforcing spines.

excerpt from report dated Sept 2010,

"3.4. Leaking pressure vessel cooling water was also found to have entered a chamber containing BCU pre-stressing wires and as a consequence of this, a programme of radiography to reveal corrosion degradation was initiated. During inspections on Reactor 1 at Hartlepool in late 2007, the tendon wires were found to have unexpectedly high levels of corrosion, which led to one tendon wire having broken near to its anchor. Subsequent inspection of the BCUs on these other reactors found similar evidence of corrosion, indicating that this was a generic issue, not confined to Reactor 1 at Hartlepool."

Comment: Re:and linux aswell (Score 1) 267

by FirstOne (#47621369) Attached to: Skype Blocks Customers Using OS-X 10.5.x and Earlier

That's just the tip of iceberg.. M$ cutoff access to my Win 7 version of skype 6.6,0.106.. last updated 6/13/2013 !

I don't appreciate relativity simple applications requiring a constant stream of updates. It makes me think it's some sort of NSA/Gov spyware. It's better to just remove it and forget about them, too much hassle for little return value. Write them off and move on..

P.S. Oracle Java is quickly approaching negative return threshold and may soon join skype in my list of unstable/unreliable applications/addons.

Comment: Re:Samsung: so sue us (Score 0) 83

Samsung's position is entirely rational, but less than ethical.

more than ethical, for different reasons.

Since Microsoft purchase Nokia, they must enter into a cross license agreement or pay royalties to Samsung. Now M$ may pull an Apple and claim they shouldn't have to pay for standard essential cell phone patents.. But that argument becomes a double edged sword, since M$ patent licenses cover the standardized memory card file format(oopsey - standard essential ) . So what's good for the goose is good for gander so to speak..

Samsung clearly and right fully, thinks they shouldn't have to pay M$ any more royalties, since the material terms of the contract have changed since M$ has become a cell phone manufacturer.

Comment: Re:already done (Score -1) 133

Contamination is quite reversible

.. Oh, you didn't mention that it takes six hundred years for the deadliest of the food chain isotopes (Cs-137, Sr-90) to decay to a reasonable concentration.. Yep other than that, contamination can be reversed.. Just not in a typical human life span .

P.S. Even time passage of a million years has little effect on some the other longer lived fission isotopes. Like Cs-135(6.9% fission yield, I-129, 0.84% yield).. Iodine-129 is particularly nasty since half of an animal's Iodine is concentrated in the thyroid gland. A 60,000 gram human has a thyroid that weights ~15 grams, you do the math.


Comment: Re:AGW is falsifiable, easily. (Score 1) 389

by FirstOne (#47430407) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

I'll add a couple of corrections to your list
4.3) CO2 absorbs IR photons, but also re-emits IR photons, but in a randomized spherical manor.
4.5) Increased randomization of IR photons interferes with the normal flow of energy from earth's surface to outer space.
4.7) As CO2 concentration increases more and more IR photons are re-directed back towards earth's surface at all levels of the atmosphere.
7) The net effect of increasing CO2 concentration increases temperature near earth's surface and decreases it at high altitudes.

Comment: Re:It *isn't* that well understood (Score 3, Informative) 497

by FirstOne (#47415525) Attached to: Climate Change Skeptic Group Must Pay Damages To UVA, Michael Mann

"Current CO2 concentration is 380 ppm or so."

You're a bit out of date(2010), I see. Atmospheric CO2 has been crossing the 400ppm mark lately, (avr 399 ppm)

Over the last year(june2013-june2014) it climbed by 2.56ppm, and that rate of increase appears to be accelerating, thus humanity is going to be in deep doo-doo real soon if we don't stop burning fossil fuels.

The other facts you seam to be missing, Our star(SOL) was somewhat dimmer in the past, thus requiring much higher CO2 levels to keep the earth from freezing over. And that humanity is totally dependent on the current climate patterns..

Comment: Re:Linux licensing canary? (Score 1) 349

by FirstOne (#47389345) Attached to: Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

Technically, Qualcomm violated the GPL license on the code it contributed to github.. Speciffically, the clause which licenses the code in perpetuity. Thus they can no longer offer their products for use in any Andriod phone or device which uses GPL'd software.

But if looks like Qualcomm has quickly seen the error of its ways and issued a retraction/apology.

Comment: Re:records go back to 1880, very funny (Score 1) 547

"40 years, another 1/2 trillion tonns of CO2".. is a significant under estimate!

Humanity is currently dumping 36 billion tonns(2013) of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Projecting out using 2.1% yearly growth rate, humanity will hit that 1/2 trillion tonn mark in 2025. Just 11 years from now.

Comment: Re:What is a gigawatt per hour? (Score 1) 461

by FirstOne (#47326865) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

On the contrary, it's better for the grid than most people think, and it will get even better in the future. PV produces distributed energy when grid demand and associated losses is at its highest. Locally, when the sun is blocked by clouds A/C loads also diminished in a similar fashion.

At peak grid loads, every watt of locally product solar displaces upwards of 1.3 to 1.4watts of grid power. I.E. No more 20-25% loss from remote Power station to consumer, (Ohms law I^2R). And even parties not directly using locally generated PV energy will benefit by the overall reduction in centralized grid loading & losses.

It's just a matter of time before, more variable load devices(A/C's > 20seer, smart frig's, Heat pump WH, variable speed Pool pumps, etc,) come on line to take advantage of locally generated PV power.

Very few things in a typical household, need precise 24x7 on demand operation, some things can delayed, or done in advance, and/or accomplished at a reduced setting for longer period.

For example one could operate a 200L heat pump WH, when sun is brightly shinning during mid morning(Thermal battery), which in turn reduces the need to operate it in the evening or next morning when someone washes the dishes or takes a shower. Likewise, an A/C operated at lower power levels during the daytime, will in turn reduce the need for a night time cool down.

Comment: Re:Thanks for pointing out the "briefly" part. (Score 1) 461

by FirstOne (#47326211) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

Minimal usage.. most can be recycled, acids neutralized, phosphorous can be recovred, BTW this is all in the manufacturing step.. None of which exists in final end product, which you claim makes silicon PV panels loaded with Toxic waste. Bzzzt.. wrong-o..

Cadmium, indium, gallium, lead, and selenium all are used in amorphous (low efficiency, flexible) or specialty solar panels in tiny quantities. not the multi-crystalline silicon type which are deployed in typical grid tie installations..

Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH, drain cleaner), KOH, not dangerous.. both easily neutralized into a salt, just add HCl until pH is 7.. Then you have a brine solution. same goes or H2SO4, HNO3, reuse, recycle and/or reduce.

You been caught by your pants down by your own deceptions..

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