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Comment: Re:Photoshop? (Score 1) 494

by FireofEvil (#31494648) Attached to: Deposit Checks To Your Bank By Taking a Photo

Say you write me a cheque for $50 and I photoshop that into $500, how can they detect that?
I did not touch the serial number and, as the summary suggests, the photo was taken with a lousy cell-phone camera.

If they have a minimal requirement for picture quality, the system will most likely reject a lot of deposit attempts (motion-blur, out of focus, low resolution, etc..)

Doesn't really seem worth the trouble.

+ - How to monitor a MySQL server in real time?

Submitted by oliderid
oliderid (710055) writes "I have almost finished a web application that should support more than 100 queries per second some tables having more than 500.000 rows. Well I'm not used to this kind of load. I did my best to apply the best practices I could find over the web, reduce the queries to the database to the minimum, indexing, etc. but I'd like to have a GPL tool to monitor this database in real-time and see clearly how often a query is done, redundant ones, be sure that my mental is respected "One query per "page", processing time, etc. See when the server is about to be overloaded. The server is remote, Linux (redhat or ubuntu). There is no Xwindow, so I can monitor it through SSH/shell or through a web application. Any idea? Thx!"

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