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Comment Re:Taking out capital ships? (Score 1) 618

Well, if not a terrorist group, a rogue nation could buy several container ships, load them with 126 of these systems on each ship and drive each ship within 300km of a carrier group. Fire simultaneously from all ships and take out all carriers at the same time.

I'll bet it costs a whole lot less to buy and arm a ship with 126 of these systems than to build a whole aircraft carrier and the aircraft it carries.

Now that's asymmetric warfare.

Comment Re:The Odds (Re:Deliberately causing panic) (Score 1) 604

Yeah. Great statistics.

So, if those statistics from 1918 are correct and relevant to the swine flu today, you have a 30% chance of catching the disease and about a 3% chance of dying from it. That's a 0.9% chance of dying. Assume that the dead are equally spread around your country. That means that 1 out of every 111 people will die from this disease.

How many people do you know in your community? Your family? Your workplace? Your school (or university or old school)?

If those numbers turn out to be predictive of the current problem, chances are you will know several people who died as a result of this.

Still like those odds?

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