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Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 180

I try to at least take it into consideration. I don't feel like I need complete privacy and anonymity, in part because I like some of the aspects of the connected and digital world.

That said, I try to at least be aware of some of the trade-offs, and who my information is going to (which sadly is a lot more effort than most people are interested in making). It comes down to who I'm willing to grant access to what information, to what degree - in part because of what they're likely to do with it, as well as what I feel like I get out of the service.

It's part of why I avoid using Facebook, because of their (nightmarish) track record and attitude towards things. On the other hand I use a number of services that are quite capable of tracking lots of things about me, and in some cases noticeably do - everyone from my cellphone provider, to Amazon when I browse or buy stuff, to Google when I search for something or use their map service, etc.

Why do I use those and not Facebook? Mostly because I'm of the opinion Facebook doesn't give a rat's ass who it sells stuff to, and wants to know every last thing about me and my personal life. If anything, they're more like an Intelligence Agency in their overwhelming and aggressive interest in my information. The others are at least more content with the stuff I give them. Amazon? Amazon can know what I buy and view from Amazon, in part because sometimes they'll later show me more stuff that I'm sometimes interested in. I'd be happier with the option to turn it off, maybe, but that's still a choice I can make between shopping there and not.

But there's a difference between having applications that I choose to use - such as Skype for instance - that links back into Microsoft's cloud, and having the very OS itself basically running in SaaS mode with a cloud based account. It's also not just about the privacy issues, but also the security issues that syncing my local password and my cloud password presents.

Comment Re:Sanctioning NSA/FBI for spying all? (Score 1) 77

That's pretty much where the norms should be.

Hacking a foreign government's computers to steal secrets? Fair game.
Hacking a foreign defense contracting company? Eh, probably fair game too.
Hacking a foreign non-military company to provide commercial advantage? Nope, out of bounds.

The US has held this viewpoint for a long time - I seem to remember some issue something like 15-20 years ago where it came out that Air France had bugged the seats of its planes on behalf of French intelligence (or was accused of doing so) to spy on businesspeople. It was something of a big deal at the time.

Comment Windows 10 (Score 5, Insightful) 180

I really want to like Windows 10. It seems to have a lot of nice features, was a smooth upgrade from 7, and probably the single most painless OS upgrade I've had on any MS platform (I had to correct a single driver, for a minor issue, and that was it).

But I'm really, really sick of just how blatantly Microsoft is trying to jam every single stupid thing into this, and tie it back to their cloud based bit. And I might even be okay with some of that, because I'm well aware that I wind up giving a lot to Google when I'm using stuff on Android. I might even use some of it, if they weren't going far beyond even what Google does.

The final straw was when they wanted to essentially remove my local account on the machine and replace it with me using a Microsoft account for my local login. No, sorry, but Redmond can go get fucked if they want that. It's one thing to have stuff in a cloud based application that has its own password, but it's another thing for that cloud based password to be my entire system. Perhaps I'm being overly negative, but it's just too much, that they want all this personal data, and they want to tie it all not just to what I do in application land with Outlook/Bing/Edge/Cortana/Skype whatever, but down to the OS level? No. And if it gets worse, I may just have to bite the bullet and do my PC gaming on Linux, and give up on doing anything bleeding edge.

Comment Re:Batman (Score 5, Insightful) 801

Actually, this would be a perfect idea. There used to be a guy in Maryland known as the "Route 29 Batman" who would dress up in a (really nice) Batman costume, and would go to hospitals to visit sick children and entertain them.

And sadly, he was killed in a car accident just a few weeks ago, so there's certainly an opening for it:

Comment Re:Curious (Score 4, Informative) 385

Yes - and not just her, this is something that all of the Alaska politicians have been pushing for, for several decades now. The current governor of Alaska, who is also a Republican, also hailed the decision.

Not every issue is a Republicans vs Democrats issue, or a Right vs Left issue. This is one of the (increasingly rare) state vs. state issues. In fact, I'm pretty sure you could find any number of Ohio Democrats (as well as Ohio Republicans) that had been busy opposing this.

Comment Re:gee I wonder why all the need for secrecy here? (Score 1) 284

That's easily fixed by making sure the results provided to the FOIA/etc type request are sufficiently anonymized. The audit trail shouldn't rely on matching each vote to a specific individual voter. If there is fraud involved, it will show up through other patterns, because they don't match what reality would be expected to generate, and tend to stand out as massive statistical outliers.

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