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Comment: Re:im getting really tired of this shit (Score 1) 155

by FigTree (#21446833) Attached to: Must Nintendo Make a Mobile Phone?
I mostly share your sentiment but there really isn't much that can be done. As long as people depend on external sources for happiness this will likely continue. Also, let go of your need for approval from the very people caught in this cycle if you think their materialism is retarded (yes, materialism is retarded).
The Courts

+ - Jack Thompson Suspended 1

Submitted by Dr. Eggman
Dr. Eggman writes: GamePolitics.com has the story the Florida Bar has ordered Jack Thompson to undergo psychological testing and have suspended his license for 91 days. According to his 2005 book, he has been asked to undergo such testing by the bar before, but sued and successfully settled with the bar for $20,000.

+ - Etrian Odyssey - Old style dungeon RPG for NDS

Submitted by
aliquis writes: "Etrian Odyssey (website uses flash), a nethack/MUD-without-the-MU like game for Nintendo DS was released may the 16th.

The game features classic labyrinth RPG style gaming with over 125 monsters designed by Shin Nagasawa (Final Fantasy IX), nine characters of which you build a party of five, and a map on the lower screen where you draw the looks of the labyrinth using the stylus while you explore it.

Too bad it doesn't seem to contain any multiplayer support :(, graphical MUD on the DS (or any system) would be so sweet."

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