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Comment: Re:Maunder minimum was not the culprit [Re:Of cour (Score 4, Funny) 375

by Fex303 (#38949585) Attached to: Little Ice Age: It Was Not the Sun

... and the dating shows the Little Ice Age began well before the Maunder minimum. The Maunder minimum didn't cause it, very definitely.

The only logical conclusion is that cold temperatures on earth somehow prevent sunspots. Which means, obviously, that global warming will blot out the sun due to a proliferation of sunspots caused by warmer temperatures here.

We're doomed!

Comment: Re:Act of War (Score 1) 263

by Fex303 (#38815713) Attached to: US Embassy Sanctioned Lawsuit Against Aussie ISP iiNet

We're also engaged in a selective breeding program to make everything poisonous.

We started with spiders and jellyfish. The poisonous platypus was a great success. And of course you've noticed that we invented Vegemite and poisonous beer, or as you know it, Fosters. Next up is breeding a venomous chicken and perfecting our engineering of the poison brick.

Comment: Re:We should be fine... (Score 1) 754

by Fex303 (#38198828) Attached to: Paper On Super Flu Strain May Be Banned From Publication

As long as the virus does not increase the intelligence of apes.

Or a retrovirus that is highly contagious and reduces the intelligence of human victims to near that of apes by changing brain chemistry, but leaves them alive and "OK", driven by only animal survival insticts, and permanently infected?

Have you seen what was going down at Walmart last Friday? That ship has sailed, my friend.

Comment: Re:Geez... (Score 1) 611

by Fex303 (#38142872) Attached to: Baker Has to Make 102,000 Cupcakes For Grouponers

Do you have insurance? I bet you do... and it's almost the same thing

Not quite. With insurance you're guaranteed to 'win' if something bad happens to you. (Except when insurance companies are being complete jerks.) That's the key point. If your insurance payouts were tied to something that wasn't your personal situation, say the roll of a dice, it would be gambling - but since insurance payouts are tied to you being a in situation where you really need the money, it makes a lot more economic sense.

Comment: Re:Purely out of curiosity (Score 1) 692

by Fex303 (#37710092) Attached to: Apple's Siri As Revolutionary As the Mac?

No, the real issue is now we're training already-smug dorks to give out unconditional orders reflexively and expect them to be followed. How long before they start expecting that to work with humans?

Oh, I'd say about negative a thousand years... Smug dorks who like to order people around aren't exactly a new thing.

Comment: Re:Tracking us, what? (Score 1) 637

by Fex303 (#37136660) Attached to: Coming Soon, Shorter Video Games

I would like to know how they were tracking us and why we weren't told about this.

I'm gonna guess that it's buried somewhere in the EULA. So techincally, we were told about it. And they were almost certainly tracking it when people played on consoles which phone home for updates anyhow, and I believe can send a set of info about how they've been played in the process.

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