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Comment: Can you really use a 2nd monitor? (Score 1) 1002

by FencingLion (#36145104) Attached to: Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?

It seems to me that most people who feel like they need multiple monitors really just need better window management. Unless you are able to actually look at two different monitors at once, the other will always be wasted. Becoming efficient with key-bindings for your WM is a much better way to get your workflow organized.

Comment: Re:Even more reason.... (Score 1) 797

by FencingLion (#35408594) Attached to: GNOME To Lose Minimize, Maximize Buttons

For ubuntu to drop Gnome for Unity.

I thought the exact opposite. Gnome 3 and Unity see remarkably similar in what they deliver. It strikes me as odd that Ubuntu wants to strike off in their own direction after all the features and polish of Gnome, when the end products are going to be so functionally similar. To each his own, I suppose.

Comment: "no boon to American journalists." (Score 1) 696

by FencingLion (#34699374) Attached to: Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers

Since we are complaining about how bad Wikileaks supposedly is for journalism, let us critique the journalism in this piece. Basic facts first.

The recent release of a torrent of State Department documents is typical.

Wikileaks has released 1,947 cables in over a month. They have over 250,000, but they are deliberately releasing them slowly to ensure that they can be properly redacted to protect sources.

But WikiLeaks offers no articles of its own, no context of any of the materials it discloses, and no analysis of them other than assertions in press releases or their equivalent.

Wrong. I wonder if the author has ever actually visited the wikileaks website "cablegate" viewer. There is an "articles" section on the left side.

Comment: Re:Death, huh? (Score 5, Informative) 1425

by FencingLion (#34406726) Attached to: Sarah Palin 'Target WikiLeaks Like Taliban'

The Taliban is responsible, directly and demonstrably, for a great many deaths, both in the US and abroad.

I'd like to point out the propaganda success here. The Taliban is the former government of Afghanistan. They have never committed international aggression (though I'm sure they did some nasty stuff internally while in power). They are not responsible for deaths outside of Afghanistan. "al Qaeda" is not the same as "The Taliban."

Comment: Re:Compete with Windows?! (Score 2, Insightful) 375

by FencingLion (#32432856) Attached to: Google's Chrome OS To Launch In Fall

> Google will launch Chrome OS to compete with Microsoft Windows.

Sorry, where does it say that they are aiming to compete with Windows, because it doesn't mention windows in TFA. They've never claimed to try and do that - they're targetting a completely different market. Chome OS is just a browser than boot up with no host operating system. Windows IS an entire operating system.

If you want to talk about competition, you need to consider use cases, not technical implementation. Insofar as Windows users browse the internet, check email, and do word processing (which is a substantial chunk of users), Google Chrome OS is competing with Windows.

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