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Comment: If only the licenses were easier to get.... (Score 5, Funny) 461

by Fencepost (#48346817) Attached to: Washington Dancers Sue To Prevent Identity Disclosure
If they were easier to get I'd happily cough up the $75 to become an officially licensed exotic dancer, but the county referenced when I first saw this story a few days ago looked like it'd be a pain unless you were actually an employee of one of the businesses.

Of course, if I did this my wife might actually demand that I dance for her and that could just be ugly all around. I am not a man built for a stripper pole.

Comment: Re:News For Nerds? (Score 1) 401

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Plenty of people care, but the available actions aren't something they're willing to do. IIRC, when Obama tried to close it, the Republicans basically required that there could be NO money spent by the military on ANY activities related to moving the prisoners at Guantanamo into US prisons, or to shut down the base itself.

Obama might be able to do something along the lines of finding another country (or non-governmental organization/NGO?) and inviting them to join in the management of Gitmo, then simply not replace any troops whose tours of duty expired. However, that would not be a terribly quick process, it would undoubtedly be stopped by Republicans threatening to shut down all military spending again, and it would then leave whoever the third-party was effectively in charge of the base, at which point they could simply release all of the prisoners (including the Super-Terrorists too dangerous for US Supermax prisons) if they so desired.

And as a side effect it would completely guarantee (rather than 95% confidence) that absolutely *nothing* could be accomplished during the remainder of his presidency.

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By doing so he put the burden of keeping it open squarely on the Republicans. It's a battle I believe he could win, but the cost of doing so would be too high - the remaining option for closing it would be to simply abandon it, presumably with some third party not controlled by Congress available to handle the release of the prisoners since Congress mandated that they couldn't be transferred to prisons within the US. It would be a solution nobody would find acceptable.

Comment: Re:News For Nerds? (Score 1) 401

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You're quite right, he didn't say Fox, and I should have included and in my list. There seems to be little basis for the claim, just as there was little basis for it when it went around in 2010 and 2012.

I regard it as being like Obama's clear desire to implement incredibly strong gun control and take away all weapons and ammo, as evidenced by his deceptively avoiding anything related to gun control.

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I'll note that the Dems changed the rules so you don't need the 60 votes to override for TWO things: A) Judicial nominations below the Supreme Court level and B) Executive nominations below the cabinet level and in no other situations.

There were no changes to the filibuster for legislation (though personally I'd have loved to see it change from 60 votes to stop debate over to 40 votes to continue debate), and Mitch McConnell has indicated in the past that he doesn't see changing that should he become Majority Leader this fall.

As for the filibuster, I'd love to see it change just on the basis of "If you say you want to continue debate, don't say that then leave town." I'm fine with continuing "debate" (not that they ever actually debate the items they're delaying/killing), but by god if you're going to do it you'd better care enough to actually stick around.

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I forgot to mention why this doesn't even pass the sniff test - Using what authority?

(gratuitous insult removed) even if Obama wanted to "grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the US," he has no legal authority to do so. The administration does have the ability to change where enforcement is happening, which is why there's so much dispute over Obama's policies on deportations - the numbers are up, but the enforcement has in many cases shifted to border enforcement, recent immigrants and those convicted of (charged with?) crimes more than long-term residents.

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So can you document this? Anything that starts with "Fox News tells me that Obama is thinking about...." is immediately suspect, because honestly A) who in the administration would be talking much with Fox and B) why would you believe anything that Fox talking heads tell you without independently verifying it?

I don't know why you're so upset anyway, Fox News told me that Mitch McConnell is thinking about cheating on his wife with that sexy young tortoise at the DC zoo, and Chris Christie is thinking about having a stromboli.

Comment: Re:Jamming unlinced spectrum is illegal? (Score 1) 278

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So would you have had a problem with someone irritated by this (say, a group of CS students, or perhaps someone on campus leasing facilities for a conference) firing up something to spam all of your connections with deauth packets? Because clearly your conclusion was that there was nothing wrong with doing so.

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We've started putting Mikrotik routers in some small offices as replacements for older Linksys/Cisco VPN routers, and while they're powerful I'd definitely dispute the "easy to use" for anyone not a networking pro.

Some of the issue is that there are so many things you can change, unless you're very knowledgeable you're not going to know what to do (or refrain from doing) in a bunch of areas. You can go down the path of "I have a recipe and I will follow it exactly!" and basically copy/paste commands while changing passwords, but there are how-to articles that go back 6+ years and multiple versions, and many of them no longer apply. Setting up remote user VPN connections is also kind of a pain, in that you have to go to a half dozen different areas to configure different bits and pieces. Much of that setup is one-time even if you're setting up a bunch of remote users, but if you're only setting up one, then you still have to do all of it.

For someone wanting a home router that he can OpenVPN into (for road warrior use from coffee shops), I'd recommend getting something you can run OpenWRT on and just using that (get plenty of flash); I'm sure Tomato and DD-WRT are also decent choices, I just moved away from DD-WRT because I felt like there was a little too much "magic" going into it. I don't want to have to worry about whether I'm running the Brainslayer or EKO branch or whether I'm running build 12345 or have to roll back to 12332 because it's more stable/doesn't brick routers/whatever any more than I want to water-cool a Celeron and put a fart-can tailpipe on it.

Comment: 10, more than I expected (Score 1) 260

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But not all of them are connected at the same time.

2 phones
2 tablets
2 Chumbies (yes, still)
1 desktop PC
3 ThinkPads, one in daily use, one being prepped to ship off to my father, one currently only occasional use. I'll get another back from my dad after he switches over to the new one - he's using a loaner from me right now.

Also connected are a second desktop PC, a Linux desktop/backup server, and a printer/multifunction.

Christ, no wonder the local power utility tells me my electricity usage is 25% higher than the average for the neighborhood.

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