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Comment: Planet Money #525 is directly relevant to this (Score 1) 353

by Fencepost (#46626463) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?
The assorted troubles of the Capitol Hill Babysitting Co-Op as discussed in Planet Money episode 525 (March 19, 2014) are directly relevant to this.

Basically, it's easy for people to hoard, and there's likely going to be a need for quite a bit of back-end management.

Comment: Save increments since the previous generation (Score 1) 983

by Fencepost (#46464641) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?
There are two decent approaches: backup or mirror your setup offsite OR archive the previous generation intact and do incrementals starting from that point. I'm assuming that a home user isn't going to be picking up a $2000+ LTO-6 tape drive and swapping in 8+ $65 tapes for each full backup.

The first is to have your own offsite storage that you back up to, where the backup is (at least) as large as the original. Multiple people have recommended Crashplan, and that's certainly a viable option. There are undoubtedly other options that could do similar things depending on how down into the weeds you want to get - rsync, the various rsync-based versioning backup solutions, git-annex as mentioned by someone else though that one's new to me. I'll note that from experience with Crashplan's Enterprise product on some older 32-bit servers, the client software can chew some fairly significant memory when you have a lot of files or data.

The other and probably simpler option is that when you start to near capacity on the storage system, don't upgrade it - shut it down and store it, preferably not in the same (not-yet-burning) building after building the new system and copying the data over to it. After you shut the old one down, keep backups of anything you've changed since that "checkpoint" system; hopefully your data isn't changing that rapidly - 20 TB seems to me almost guaranteed to be mostly static.

Comment: Re:FolderSync app (Score 1) 146

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Try the Lite version of the app - if you only need two connections then it may actually do what you need and is free.

If you do need the paid version, Tacit Dynamics ( apparently has it available through and through as well if either of those will work for you. The drawback of either is that I believe (as with most competing app markets) you have to keep that app market installed on your device.

Comment: SSH/rsync (Re:FolderSync app) (Score 1) 146

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There's at least one app that may do what you want (rsync backup by Michal Kowalczuk), but I've never used it.

If that doesn't do the trick, I find that my tablet running Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 has rsync 3.0.7, but I've also installed extra bits and pieces ("Android Terminal Emulator" by Jack Palevich, "Terminal IDE" by Spartacus Rex, "Busybox Pro" by Stephen (stericson)) so I'm not 100% sure that it was originally available. You may be able to script and schedule something of your own based on scripts you use elsewhere, though with a few changes (e.g. "jping" instead of "ping", see Issue 29 on Terminal IDE's page though that indicates that it may be fixed).

Comment: FolderSync app (Score 3, Insightful) 146

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I'd look at the FolderSync app, ~$3. It supports a huge number of backend connection types including FTP/SFTP, SMB/CIFS and WebDAV to cover most of your local server needs. It also covers most of the major and many minor cloud storage providers. You can set it up to sync only on specified wifi networks, to sync on schedules or when files change, etc.

There's also a "lite" version, which only allows 2 accounts, no Tasker support and no sync filters (which I've never fiddled with anyway, so may not be that important).

Comment: Related: Stross ended a trilogy early (Score 1) 192

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As Charlie Stross put it in his announcement, ""Halting State" wasn't intended to be predictive when I started writing it in 2006."

/. readers may be more familiar with the second book, or at least with the reference in its title: "Rule 34." The main character in that uses a descendant of Google Glass-like technology.

Comment: What's the bottleneck? (Score 1) 158

I see a variety of suggestions of getting another PC, but if your physically at the machine usage and other peoples' won't overlap, just get more memory and a second hard drive. Run VMs stored on that second drive - odds are good that you're not really CPU-bound these days unless there's some serious gaming going on.

Comment: Re:Story is unclear - e.g. 1 gun or two? (Score 1) 1431

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You're quite correct, I missed a "who" in the (original) opening of this article:

I also saw it quoted elsewhere originally, so I didn't see the headline at the top.

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