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Comment: Better idea (Score 5, Insightful) 231

by Feefers (#42315377) Attached to: New Call For Turing Pardon
Prime Minister Cameron makes a general statement not just for Turing but for all those tortured and prosecuted under what we now rightly see was a terrible and cruel "law". Society has moved on and a bold declaration that not just Turing but all those convicted of crimes of this nature are considered to be pardoned would solidify how far we have progressed.

Comment: Conversation (Score 1) 235

by Feefers (#40463971) Attached to: Chatbot Eugene Wins Biggest Turing Test Ever
I could tell pretty much after third reply... Me: Sup? Eugene: I don't understand the question. Me: Sup! As is what is up? Eugene: I'm having a great day! Me: Oh yes? What's so great about it all hyped about the win? Eugene: So we reached consensus. Go on then! If I'm not mistaken - you still didn't tell me where you live. OR it's a secret?:-) Say what? Perhaps under strict test conditions it's fine but released into the wild it's rather poor.

Comment: Re:Yes! (Score 1) 139

by Feefers (#39876301) Attached to: Finally, a Shark With a Laser Attached To Its Head
2+2 = 11 ....In base 3 of course. Language must evolve over time, ye olde eventually changed and in time I look forward to the rules of grammar becoming more relaxed. As for the artickle, it's pretty clever sharks don't have many attachment points and making a laser that can not only be fitted to a shark but be waterproof and powered to not bother the creature to the extent its trainer says stop is pretty impressive.

Comment: Re:But this price rise is artificial.... (Score 1) 1205

by Feefers (#39219545) Attached to: The Specter of Gasoline At $5 a Gallon
LMGTFY; Two sets of standards have been defined for light-duty vehicles in the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990: Tier 1 standards applied to all new light-duty vehicles (LDV), such as passenger cars, light-duty trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), minivans and pick-up trucks. First 50k miles/5 years all in g/mi THC 0.41 NMHC 0.25 CO 3.4 NOx Diesel 1.0 - More relaxed NOx limits for diesels applicable to vehicles through 2003 model year NOx gasoline 0.4 PM 0.08 - PM standards applicable to diesel vehicles only And those are... THC - Total hydrocarbons NMHC - Non-methane hydrocarbons CO - Carbon monoxide NO - Nitrogen oxides PM - Diesel particulate matter Well let's look at a Golf 5door TDI S HC+NOx 0.207 CO 0.382 NOx 0.158 Particles 0.0004 Estimated fuel consumptions; EC Urban (mpg) 49.6 EC Extra Urban (mpg) 74.3 EC Combined (mpg) 62.8 So i'm not entirely sure the arguement that it would fail emission laws holds up.

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