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Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 0) 151

The whole point is that when a new industial building of ant type is built, don't build it in residential areas.
To use page load for a web page as an argument for locating the datacenters in a residential area is pretty silly. The data travel at the speed of light. Whenter the data come from the next door building or in some industrial area away from resideltial areas has no impact on page load.

If the industry was there first, it is a different issue, but that is not what is being discussed here.

Comment Re:NIMBY (Score 3, Interesting) 151

I live 4 minutes drive from an "unpopulated area". There are only offices shops and light industry (and a small datacenter), and it is not a nuisance for anybody.
"Unpopulated" does not mean it needs to be in the middle of Sahara. It is just that there is a fair distance between the industry and where people live.

Comment Export the email to a PST file. (Score 1) 203

The best way to ensure the person gets the emails in a nice readable form is to export them to a PST file. Burn it on a DVD and give it to your manager and say exactly what it is and why you did it. Then the rest is up to him.

...and I know that some companies block PST creation in Outlook. No problem. Just a registry value. Google it if you need it.

Comment Company security should.. (Score 4, Insightful) 117

block your 2003 machines from the network if you plan to keep them. That is what our security people will do.

The date for end of support for 2003 has been known for like 10 years so there has been enough time to prepare for it.

IT security is not about "what can we get away with". It is about being ready before the bad people strike. And they will. And you may not even notice.

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