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Comment: Re:It's about damn time. (Score 3, Funny) 576

by FatalTourist (#29389969) Attached to: Alan Turing Gets an Apology From Prime Minister Brown

Plato said that there is no true measure of justice, but it is important for a government to give the appearance of justice to society. This is a textbook example of that in action.

Don't just make up quotes and attribute them to Plato. It makes philosophers really angry.

"I really said that" - Plato

Comment: Let me spell it out (Score 3, Interesting) 653

by FatalTourist (#29259727) Attached to: Alan Turing Apology Campaign Grows
It's not a literal apology to Turing. This wouldn't make sense, he's dead. This is an acknowledgment of wrongdoing. It goes toward making sure it never happens again. This apology is for living people. It's the UK government saying "Don't persecute gays, because they might be awesome and invent computers."

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