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IBM Patents Pricing Motorists Off Highways 805

Posted by kdawson
from the prior-art-stuck-at-the-tollbooth dept.
theodp writes "Self-professed patent reformer IBM snagged a patent Tuesday for the Variable Rate Toll System, which covers the rather anti-egalitarian scheme of pricing motorists off of the roads by raising tolls as congestion increases. 'Congestion pricing of traffic is emerging as a completely new services market for IBM,' boasted Jamie Houghton, IBM's Global Leader for Road Charging."

Microsoft Ties $235m IT Aid To Use of Windows 214

Posted by Zonk
from the developing-countries-just-the-way-you-want-them dept.
E5Rebel writes "Microsoft will spend $235m in schools worldwide over the next five years, part of a plan to triple the number of students and teachers trained in its software programs to up to 270 million by 2013. 'Microsoft's investment shows how important it views developing markets to its future business. Last year, Microsoft introduced the Student Innovation Suite, which includes the XP Starter Edition plus educational applications, for $3 for qualifying countries. Microsoft faces heated competition from companies supporting the open-source OS Linux and associated software in developing countries. "I think as a company we welcome choice," [Orlando Ayala] said. "Frankly, we welcome the competition." The company's educational funding comes with a hitch: "Of course, that includes the fact they [the schools] use Windows," Ayala said.' If you don't use Windows you don't get the cash." Microsoft has long been interested in the education of children.

Windows 7 To Be Released Next Year? 561

Posted by Zonk
from the that's-mighty-fast dept.
KrispySausage writes "A recently-released roadmap for the next major Window release — Windows 7 — indicates that Microsoft is planning to release the new operating system in the second half of 2009, rather than the anticipated release date of some time in 2010. This quickly-approaching release date would seem to be at least partially verified by news of a milestone build available for review by an anonymous third party." We've previously discussed the upcoming new OS version, as well as its danger to Vista.

+ - Spammers use modified PDF files to avoid detection

Submitted by thefickler
thefickler (1030556) writes "In the continuing effort to get more spam past email filters, professional spammers are not only stepping up their use of PDF attachments to deliver their offers of penile implants and cheap pharmaceuticals, but they are also modifying the PDFs to avoid detection. Worse yet, the chief security analyst at MessageLabs, Mark Sunner, has suggested that PDF attachments might soon be used by spammers to delivery malware."

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