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Comment Re:I wish I could believe that (Score 0, Flamebait) 284

Apple response is not surprising, it's just not targeted to you. This response has been carefully crafted and targeted to the Apple customer who'll believe anything coming from Apple, no question asked. Remember, Apple knows better than you what is good for you, because they know more about you than yourself .....except maybe after the NSA.

Comment Re:Thus demonstrating my assertion (Score 1) 135

Unfortunately, this is not specific to game programmers at all. I happened to inherit some code a few years back with the same mistake. I replaced thousands of lines of pseudo repetitive code used for accessing the central data structure, by a common routine. This corrected a large number of bugs, decreased the size of the source code and removed a few size limitations which didn't have to exist.You've got crap programmers everywhere and I don't think that all game programmers are crap.

Comment How to deal with PDF files(Windows) (Score 2) 164

For saving my time, my sanity and the health of my PC, I've tried to avoid dealing with Adobe bloatware as much as I could. Under Windows most PDF can be opened instantly with Foxit. It's free, it's fast and it works for 99% of the files. I keep Acrobat Reader on my PC "just in case". I never open PDF files with the browser plugin (I disabled it), I prefer to download the file to the desktop and view it offline. It's faster and safer. I'm using an old version of Foxit with no builtin javascript support and which is blocked with the firewall. If it complains, that indicates the presence of a script, and most often it's malware (doing this way saved my skin a few times), or at least a script used for nefarious purpose like trying silently to report to headquarters. For creating PDF files from documents, PDFCreator is very easy to use and satisfy most of my needs, and to create PDF documents from scans I use WinScan2pdf. My last tool for manipulating PDFs is PDFTK (for which a GUI can be found). All these tools are free and easy to use.

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