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Comment: It's got both! (Score 1) 322

"because Terrorbullyism" AND "because For The Children"

I'm waiting to see this kind of bullshit inevitably optimize into a final solution. It's funny, because "more" oppressed and regressive countries will see it used as well.

It'll probably be some kind of dead-man or canary thing, that ultimately amounts to a very hard fact of "I don't have the password. I can't disclose it, and you can't fuck me for Obstructing Justice or whatever because it's outside me. It has to be supplied by [mechanism? person?]."

Comment: Re:People forget about people. (Score 1) 81

by Falos (#48822581) Attached to: Pirate Activist Shows Politicians What Digital Surveillance Looks Like
I sympathize. Many groups have overzealous individuals, and seeing them wave your banner is a bit of a drag, a phenomenon frequent enough that I want a word or phrase to refer to it. But at least some people indulge the benefit of the doubt - I'm willing to believe in the existence of prudent bronies and good dubstep, out there somewhere.

Somewhat relevant

+ - Pirate Activist Shows Politicians What Digital Surveillance Looks Like

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "How to make politicians really understand the dangers of mass digital surveillance and the importance of information security? Gustav Nipe, the 26-year old president of the Swedish Pirate Party's youth wing, tried to do it by setting up an open Wi-Fi network at the Society and Defence National Conference held in Sälen, Sweden, and collecting and analyzing the metadata of conference attendees who connected to it. Nipe set up an open wireless Internet access point named "Open Guest" and over 100 delegates used this particular unsecured Wi-Fi network to go online. The collected metadata showed that, among other sites, they visited those of daily Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Swedish private ads website Blocket, eBay, and tourism sites. "This was during the day when I suppose they were being paid to be at the conference working," Nipe noted for The Local."

Comment: Other side (Score 1) 182

This bot was only semi-autonomous, it was placed and written and instructed all very specifically. It's hard to consider these events to be unowned.

Today's is easy to consider. But let me play Devil's advocate:

Is the butterfly responsible for the tornado that happens 20 years later?

Then there's a line somewhere and we don't know where it is.

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

Paying someone to build a laptop. Boom, the world now has two brand new laptops. Well, one's refurbished.

GGP may have some merit if such events manage to cause trickle down, at least. But the prole workers exist to shuttle money upwards (job exists because overhead's less than profit) so ultimately the re-purchase event is probably a funnel upwards, not down.

Toshiba and HP and Lenovo CEOs depend on these people.

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