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Comment Re:Just wait for the self-pleasure applications. (Score 1) 174

IF it becomes a success it will be thanks to ero. The same statement applies to 3D printing, to a lesser degree.

The tech is already here, if nascent. However, like printed sex toys the scene is fragmented and niche, nurtured by open-source/indies but only to the limited degree they can. To go critical, there will need to be big players to drive standardization and adoption. Then the upwards spiral will kick in, as hype drives content/development which drives hype.

And like the Internet, going big time means side perks from the new technology, like virtual museum tours or whatever.

>Take your fantasy, for example
I'm anticipating growth in motion capture. Puppetry of humans ala porn studio is all well and good, but puppetry of data, of 1's and 0's has wide possibilities - wider than whatever single example you just thought of.

Unfortunately it takes too much work to properly emulate living activity. The process can be hastened by use of canned scripts and assemblies and libraries, but instead of bloat and lag like with overabstracted code, you get uncanny valley.

So, again, I anticipate growth in motion capture. And whoever pegs real-time motion capture is going to be rich.

Comment Re:delivery service (Score 1) 145

I need sunglasses to read writing so White.

Delivery employees were random people already. Their only special trait is being in their employer's records. Much like Amazon will have.

Much like USPS/etc, local citizens already had "random access" all along. That may be a shocking realization, much like when I informed entitled, squeamish, cleanworld types that they're constantly swallowing a stream of mucus.

Would you like to know more about the bottled water you're obviously a patron of?

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 165

If you skip ahead through the dominoes, the bottom line of increased surveillance is, ultimately, it allows for further squeezing of the working class. That's really what it boils down to.

Money gravitates outward from Prolekistan, and will continue as their sole export (labor) increasingly "grows on trees".

I sincerely don't know how to reverse the process.

Comment Re:They're still scumbags (Score 1) 174

I'm especially bitter about #3. Partly because I hate being a puppet (see 5) but also because Fuck Those Guys.

And gals. Equal opportunity middlefinger here.

They're content to put whatever they want in it, sell it by any means, and exploit their very clientele as much as the law allows. "Brand loyalty" is a one-way street, they give zero fucks about you. Less, even, except dead customers aren't paying customers. So, again, Fuck Those Guys.

The remaining reasons stand as turnoffs for tobacco outside the cig industry. Though that gives me enough yield to do it at a social event or something. Recreationally. Like how I drink at the annual party or two.

But apparently I don't frequent the circles where it's common to sit down in a venerable, leather-scented study and offer your chess guest a pipe with his brandy.

That's a thing, right?

Comment Re:Energy (Score 1) 52

Pumping the pilot's lobster full of a breathable fluid will help, enough to imitate comic books and cartoons and anime. Forces are applied very uniformly.

This only works up to 15~20G, apparently, since PFCs are denser than you, and will crush your innards (lungs, probably) if you+fluid is swung/impacted hard enough.

Fluids closer to water's density will work better, but at obscenely greater impacts (assuming the suit is a perfect material that doesn't simply shatter) I'm guessing bones will be the next significant differential. Your skull will move faster than your brain, and pressure/crush it.

Comment comment subjects are dumb (Score 1) 138

> protection of imaginary property is essential


Still pretty sure that it's just a constant stream of sue-happy groups and their skirmishes, poking and jabbing and gouging, occasionally making off with a settlement. Only an idiot would derive a sense of precedent or (LOL) a moral standard from the parasitic fray.

Comment Re:There's an expression for that (Score 4, Insightful) 243

AC isn't just joking. You can pretty much bag people arbitrarily, even before adding this system's scrutiny. I hope the internet has memorized Richeliu's quote by now?
"If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him."


Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 2) 88

2channel is similar technically, culturally, and even lineage'ly. It's 4chan's big brother. I don't know anything about Nishi, but my impression is that he's the sort who is familiar with the nature of the beast, as opposed to some suit who though buying 4chan would be a great captive (lol) audience.

Not that I'm saying "why is this news" but it doesn't seem like they should expect any dramatic changes just yet.

Comment commentsubjects are dumb (Score 1) 151

Goodwill indeed. The suits keep believing they can control the universe, even as steadily-changing conditions/technology shrink their actual grip.

Down the line, grooming a bigger base will be what matters, harboring loyalty and, yes, good will that makes the phrase "Nintendo" conceptually linked with positive ideas and words in the public consciousness.