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Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 388 388

> is leddit not allowed
I realize all anyone cares about is formally-legal obligation, but I doubt the point of the dissent is forcing legal compulsion.

Yet feedback is relevant so long as user disregard is a bad move for a user-dependent business.

Which is a great segue into whatever all these retarded "Share" buttons are supposed to be; the hieroglyphs appear to have something to do with bird fucking.

Comment: Re:Wanted: Pilots for 40m tall fighting robots... (Score 1) 103 103

Unfortunately 100 tons crushing down on a small knee makes walking impossible, let alone combat maneuvering. Shoot a $50 shell at the leg and the billion-dollar mecha can't stand. Then sustained fuel is pretty impossible; whenever Evangelion highlighted tethers it was just being honest. But more than energy, we'd need materials research.

You can scale better in space, where thrust/load bearing can be distributed away from legs. But space combat is still pretty fiction anyway.

Comment: Not very unusual, but plentiful (Score 1) 208 208

Scutbitch field tech for the local school district. Ghetto fixes are routine, but not the impressive kind.

"Projector isn't working" means you need a rubber band to hold the classroom's shitty VGA cable into the shitty faceplate (feeding into the ceiling).

"Remote isn't working" means you broke part of the battery seat, and I have to use tin foil from my lunch with a coiled paper clip "spring" to close the circuit.

"Printer isn't working" because someone probably bumped that 20kg laserjet right off the counter. Opened it up so I could glue the ethernet port back together. I've gone through so much glue...

Jammed staples into ports more than once to align shit. Usually from inside so user can't see. Usually laptops. Pretty sure you dropped this, pal.

"Computer turning off"? No friend, it's overheating. Because HP (or was it a Dell?) uses shitty plastic clips on that model's CPU fan frames, which often break. I fix these by stuffing folded paper in as a gasket. Still a generous fix for an XP machine.

I'm like a dropout veterinarian who ended up playing hedge doctor in Nowhere, Africa.

Comment: Re:David Cameron is the reason the terrorists win. (Score 1) 257 257

If your thought process allows for unrevealed data to affect the equation, you'll realize this all makes a lot more sense. Specifically, ulterior motive.

This isn't about pedorist druglord arms dealers. It never is. They want to watch everyone everywhere everytime.

Comment: Re:Arrest (Score 1) 333 333

> implying The People select the laws
> Can you please provide a complete moral code
Our Betters have spent thousands of years trying to build a Complete Moral Code, even parts at a time. Many of them were even sincerely for everyone's sake. It'll be thousands more before Richelieu's quote can sleep.

Comment: Re:Repulsive (Score 1) 66 66

So go to your local uni. Humans researching humans all over the place. Is it something burdensome but not harmful? You'll still have undergrads doing it to each other. Is it painful and mildly harmful? STILL have them. It turns out when your "victim" can speak, they're usually going to say "it's a brief electric shock, I'm not such a pussy that I'll let THAT stop your progress".

Then you step up to an actual, tiny chance of injury and people are still lining up, starting with "these Scientists". People will KEEP lining up, to the point we have to put laws in place saying we can't do it anyway, even with volunteers, the exception being directly to ourselves (cue "these Scientists" doing some crazy shit to themselves).

Physical stresses ain't shit anyway, unless it's a process being applied over years. A punch to the face is painful (U R TORTURING PPL) but predictable and easily analyzed in comparison to drinking Chemical X for weeks in a medicinal study. And that's after we're pretty sure X is harmless because it worked fine on rats. Take the rats away and I'll nope to the moon. Everyone will. Anyone know if this cure for Polio2.0 is safe?

Comment: Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 31 31

"Better than chance" gave me the context frame. Consider a spectrum: At one end we have highly abstract thought, at the other we have base emotion: hunger, anticipation, contentment, curiosity, etc. which frankly ain't shit to deduce. When exhibited like this, an EEG might as well be writing "FEAR" in bold block letters.

It's probably not that shitty. Once the appropriate code is written, it can probably recognize "I desire an apple. Tomorrow." and print it out. It might be able to recognize a person thinking "blue plus yellow makes green" and write that in words, but I wonder if it has the accuracy to recognize "three plus four makes seven".

Comment: $commentSubject (Score 1) 152 152

This submission isn't useless, it has a distinct use once you see it.

It's an example.

It's a convenient and concise way to illustrate the Full Retard overclocking that's been hyping up, the entitled SJW chronic victim slash terminal offendee complex. This entitlement, the demands and imposed obligation, it draws a plain contrast will all the "IT'S MY RIGHT MY CHOICE" derping that's always going on two posts away, yet the irony seems to whoosh on.

The expectant arrogance is also ignorant. Even if, IF, Sony had promised to support and repair and replace and sell forever and ever and ever and we even said so in writing, you don't have to be a pessimist to know better. Even if the relevant branch intends to deliver as much, you don't have to be a pessimist to know there's no guarantee that branch will exist next year. Even Sony can become so acquired/mutated that "you're on your own" happens overnight.

And to put a cherry on top, this is FirstWorldProblems through and through. If we can drop a "something something labor market too bad so sad" on farm peasants losing their doctors, I see no reason I can't wave this away.

Comment: $commentSubject (Score 4, Funny) 122 122

> facilitates
Oh go fuck yourselves. Or better yet, sleep with the MAFIAAs.

They got called out on teh boxez and rightfully so. They all facilitate piracy. The internet facilitates piracy. OH HEY, AMAZON SUPPORTS THE INTERNETS, WELL-KNOWN FOR BEING A MAJOR TOOL OF PEDORISTS AND OR DRUG DEALERS.

Oxygen facilitates piracy. This associative bullshit is for politicians, go fuck yourselves.

Comment: Re:We might start doing this in USA (Score 1) 78 78

Cutting down streaming might look like another round of **AA suicide, but in more practical context this streaming hype is about as inefficient as you can get. It's like having a bitmap with zero compression. Your point stands, they're gimping the paying customers (again), but I can't mourn streaming.

People who download local copies of a file are obviously at an advantage, but that's not big picture thinking. Making things a little more node-based or swarmy might help. Blizzard uses p2p to supplement distro of their bloaty data, somewhat. A neighborhood node being executed by sheer human coordination just won't come together, unless extremely desperate conditions force them to cobble together a one-way no-control max-latency imitation.

I'm all for computer dating, but I wouldn't want one to marry my sister.