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Comment Re:Anyone can answer? (Score 1) 97

As sister post said. FTA two black holes collided +1B years ago, +1B lightyears away, and we had lasers'n'shit set up finely enough that they could observe the wave pass by, observe the relativity'n'shit effects coming in.

I think s/he also was saying that when the wave (zone of effect) does arrive the implementation does apply instantly.

IANAS so this is my understanding and is possibly me talking out my ass.

Comment Re:bad logic (Score 1) 110

>If someone's DNA is what makes them bad
So is this about the article's two pools? If so you forgot to actually say which one is "bad".

If so, it would also probably be good to substantiate the choice a little so people don't think you're a ranting dumbass. Objectively, at that point. Which means I just let this point (a eugenics demand) fly as "arguably valid opinion".

Comment Re: Obligatory (Score 2, Insightful) 668

They're entitled to /try/. Being offended is voluntary.

Long before the Year of the SJW, I saw a youtube where Will Ferrel read some "fan messages". He read aloud a few hater emails that boiled to the "lol u suk faggot ur dumb and bad" fare, comfortably and unfazed. I suppose they might not even be real, not that it matters. Nowadays I think there's a whole series of "Celebrities read mean tweets" of the same routine.

Point is, "He who takes offense when not intended is a fool. He who takes offense when intended is a greater fool."

Comment Empty = Inert (Score 1) 112

A blank desk is like a blank workbench. If your job is less physical, "blank OS workspace" then.

A clutter of garbage can mean a messy slob. A clutter of projects and intermediates and tools (hard or soft) can mean someone who is at least doing shit, and might not put as much priority on decorum as others.

Comment commentsubject (Score 1) 539

User discretion isn't censorship, it's selective viewing. For instance, I can admonish them to fuck off, get cancer, and die, but can't compel their discretion to actually accept my imperative.

If you deliberately go and make your site display publicly accessible content, then it's hard to play a victim card when people publicly access it, incl. selectively. If you want your site conditional, make it fucking conditional and rope off the paywall.

Comment Re:And this is a security issue how? (Score 1, Insightful) 131

Wrong: They're super-duper violating information if you're playing a victim card or an SJW.

Seriously though, even SSNs aren't so hardcore anymore. Wake me up when you have a web site that stores plaintext passwords and lets CS read them - which surely exist even today, so give them a low-level password. Y'all ARE avoiding reuse by maintaining tiers, right?

Comment Re:Old Habits Die Hard (Score 1) 442

>make unable

This is contrary by definition. A user decides to use an optional piece of software. No one is "made" subject to anything, and a victim card needs to be played a lot louder these days, after the chronic offendees we saw in The Year of the SJW.

The software happens to catalyze the status quo of an ecosystem, "the business of online advertising", indirectly. Expectedly, but incidentally. They are "made" subject to literally nothing - a void, an omission.

Interestingly, this reasoning applies to ABP's rejection. It's not a perfect apples-to-apples, but I couldn't really refute someone applying the same words to the situation, that IAB can't be forced to honor attendees.

This line reserved to honor the death of the word "literally".

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