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Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 319

There simply isn't room for 4,999,999,999 musicians. Or robot repairmen, to address the guy that... actually doesn't seem to have showed up in the tree at all. Yet.

The primary, almost exclusive export of Prolevania is labor. And when that is worthless, Prolevania will dry up, save for a few drops of musician tourism.

No one is visiting, no one is buying their export, not when Robokistan is giving it away.

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 319

I described the two-tier system as the endgame, but it's already here in nascent form, it's just resolving as the money gravitates and the contrast sharpens.

The proles can grow potatoes, sure. The year's yield is worth about $5, competitive with robo-made. That can acutually buy lots of soy beans or gray shirts on the prole market.

They can also spend the year building furniture or washing cars or stocking shelves, for roughly the same annual yield.

The federal basic income is $120/yr for every human citizen.

When labor is worthless, the money does circulate in the prole market, but inevitably bleeds upward, much like a country with zero exports.

If not for the few drips of tourism (lucky proles who get to provide 1%'ers services like prostitution and make $10 overnight) the pool would actually drift towards absolute zero, which makes for more amusing math and curves if you're into dark humor.

Comment Re:commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 319

Anything commoners offer each other, the robots provide/made cheaper. Liquid assets gravitate upwards, it's inevitable.

It's already happening. Where does your paycheck go? John Everyman? It goes to mortgages, insurance, cars, medical bills, taxes, corporate-made products and services, it goes up.

One illusion is "John's getting a cut from Walmart" - his job exists because it's a net upwards flow.

It's not a conspiracy or anything, I'm not whining - I drew First Worlder at birth, I'm in the Golden Billion. But I'm pointing out the natural creep that will happen to any given economical scenario - influential powers will obviously flourish slightly more for pretty much any conditions, moreso in malleable conditions. My generation won't be hosed by the endgame ahead, but I have no idea what 2050-2100 is going to; if Bobby's generation revolts, it'll be hilariously one-sided.

I have no solutions, even giving out basic income will cause a curve to spike on anything vaguely luxury past necessities. The money will be in catering to other 1%'ers, not competing over the shit-margin scraps the proles spare on robo-made five-cent gray shirts.

The baseline will probably be a hair better than terrafoam though.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 4, Interesting) 319

There's jobs? Great! I was worried that the 5,000,000,000 work-aged people in the 99% would struggle to find things the 1%'ers want done. Apparently each rich guy needs a city-sized army of artists and musicians for each of their mansions.

It's hilarious to see people in denial about this coming to a head, when it's long since started.

Bobby McGuy is 18 and trying to pay for school instead of suckering into the predatory scam of student loans, because he knows he's fucked if he doesn't get exclusive education (which, by definition, not everyone can have). He's healthy, ready to work, an optimized subject on a silver platter, and there's nothing for him to do unless he undercuts the robot's $2/hr. He's worthless. If, IF there's anything for him to do, 4,999,999,999 others want to do it too.

Comment commensubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 179

Data is contagious. Google's bots crawl data.

Like the copyright mafia, they're learning the hard way that it's pretty hard to maintain exclusive control over an unconcious, intangible, not-a-thing-but-a-mental-construct that has to be controlled everywhere in the universe at once.

"They" not necessarily being Google, who are probably more aware of the futility.

Comment commentsubjectsaredumb (Score 1) 378

If I may go full pedant a moment,

>better serve customers
>cause printer incapable of serving

PRspeak or not it's wrong, because they literally block the device from the "serve" verb.

If I may speak as a layman, they're twits who should fuck themselves with rusty garden tools, while Robin Hood hands out the scumprofits to their customers/employees.

"Sometimes insanity is the only alternative" -- button at a Science Fiction convention.