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Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 231

Market forces caused it.

Expected obsolescence, first-party vendors, privatized repair, they were born of boon, they were born of bounty. The system deepens the black - why else would it conceive, grow, and circulate, Mr/Mrs Rational Economist? I'm not just being cute; market forces caused it. You're a dumbfuck or a shill for some agenda you won't understand anyway.

Comment subjectgoeshere (Score 1) 518

Don't care about demanding a single standard, reasonable enough on the surface claims, boondoggle away.

More concerned about legal aid going where it's needed. Particularly in today's world of arbitrary enforcement and arbitrary judgement. Particularly when those who aren't Our Betters have shit support and shit access.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 262

That is a game? Okay, here is an opera.

Just a heads up, I'm going to be a bitch for the duration. I did pay for MY ticket, you know. The fact that I'm fucking with everyone else's experience is irrelevant to my entitled behavior. The world should adapt to me, not the other way around.

Hmm. I sense a lack of imagination. I'll be more specific: I'm going to show up wearing a tank top and sweatpants that say JUICY, chain smoke, talk loudly on my phone, make faux-clever remarks (you're obviously familiar with these) about the performance/performers, get up to pee about eight times (my bladder will be empty during intermissions ofc), and for the cherry on top, complain about someone else's child in attendance at a formal, cultured, adult event.

Thanks for ensuring "flappy crush casuals" remains a valid means of identifying incompetent undesirables that no one wants at their opera. Er, deathmatch.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 291

It can. If the robo-frycook is $9/h and minimum wage is $8/h, everything is fine.

Robo at $8.01/h, everything is fine.

Robo at $7.99/h, everyone is fired. Overnight. And I realize that's just reasonable behavior for a rational business.

Millions of "frycooks" (did you think I was only talking about ONE job?) suddenly applying elsewhere, except there is no elsewhere left.

The two most common things in the Universe are hydrogen and stupidity. -- Harlan Ellison