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Comment: Equality is boring (Score 1) 548

by Fallso (#47298179) Attached to: Girls Take All In $50 Million Google Learn-to-Code Initiative
Why the fuck does everything have to be equal? Not everyone deserves to be equal. A lot of people are better at their job than me, including some women, and they are rewarded appropriately for it. I do not have a tantrum because of this, and I do not feel that google should give me a billion pounds to fix this apparent crime.

Comment: Re:Yes, and (Score 2) 346

by Fallso (#45547567) Attached to: The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu
Why do you think making something attractive for "average people" is a good idea? Look what happened with Windows 8 and Microsoft's take on the fact that everyone has the opinion of "OMG TOUCHSCREEN STUFF IS SO COOL LOL". Your "average people" don't know what they want, and only complain that their touchscreen device isn't touchy enough. Keep Linux what Linux meant to be: inaccessible to the masses, and it will keep being great.

Comment: Re:Third party software (Score 1) 113

by Fallso (#45471377) Attached to: OpenSUSE 13.1 Released and Reviewed

There is more to support than being stable. With SLES/SLED and RHES there is a level of engineering support you just can't get with the others. They actually pay people to help you get your app running right and they answer the phone when something breaks.

True, but you can now get "vendor" support on other distros as well. One that springs to mind is Ubuntu server edition (although as I say that I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would choose that over RHEL/SLES)

Comment: Re:Is anyone giving money to Sony? (Score 1) 254

by Fallso (#45365935) Attached to: A Playstation 4 Teardown
In all of your posts you haven't actually *said* what these evils that Sony have committed are. We all know what Microsoft did and what they have done in the past, but as the other poster rightly adds, a few hacks and the whole Linux on PS3 thing are the only major gaffes; unless you are privy to some information us mere mortals aren't?

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