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Comment: Re: what if NASA gets the wrong 4 meter-or-so boul (Score 1) 89

I think there's already a 2030 mission in the works to send the boulder back with flowers, chocolates, and an apology letter inscribed on a golden disc that reveals a YouTube compilation of Carl Sagan quotes if placed in a laserdisc player. (The instructions on the sleeve for constructing such a device simply say "This product has been discontinued" in a mixture of pulsar coordinates and atomic oscillations.)

Comment: Re:Risk Management (Score 4, Interesting) 636

by mrchaotica (#49344163) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

3 crew on flight deck for all aircraft, Let the pilots rest and get good sleep, and2 very well armed angry air marshalls on every flight. Solves 100% of all "terrorisim" problems.

Well, until the air marshals themselves go rogue. (It seems unlikely, but then again, so is a suicidal copilot.)

Comment: Re:Risk Management (Score 1) 636

by mrchaotica (#49343909) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

Or perhaps some means to allow a pilot back in.

Any method of getting in from the passenger compartment would be vulnerable to coercion.

I think maybe they should just have the senior flight attendant enter the cockpit whenever the pilot or copilot leaves, so that there are always two people in the cockpit (in theory, they probably won't *both* be suicidal...)

Either that, or implement better vetting of pilots.

Or maybe they should give the pilots their own bathroom, so there's no reason to leave the cockpit in the first place.

Comment: Re:Big deal ... not! (Score 4, Insightful) 107

They can also figure out the address of anywhere you go regularly. That means your workplace, your friends' homes, the bar you hang out at, your mistresses' house, your drug dealer, etc.... any of which could open you up to blackmail or worse.

That last one might -- might -- be a valid thing for the cops to care about, but the rest aren't. Yet they still have the information, and that's a problem. Remember, even if you aren't a criminal, the cop looking through the records might be.

Comment: Re:Its not mostly diesel (Score 0) 198

1) Modern diesel engines burn cleaner than gasoline.

2) Modern wood-stoves can produce 1/10th the emissions of your granddad's outdoor wood boiler.

I don't know about agriculture as a source of air pollution, though I know the runoff causes massive damage to aquatic ecosystems.

The bigger problem here, we just have too damned many humans. Not too many cars, not too many woodstoves, not fuel-X vs fuel-Y, not farming-method-P vs farming-method-Q. We don't need emissions controls (well, we do, but I consider that secondart); we need population controls.

Nothing short of that will "fix" our pollution problem, our energy needs, our water needs, our space needs. Our planet just can't handle the size of our species.

RAM wasn't built in a day.