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Comment Re:Forget party, all that (Score 1) 21 21

What's so damned special about relationships? If it's about equality, then tell me, why does a childless married couple pay less in tax than a widow with a child who earns the same as the couple? I'd say the widow's relationship to the child matters to society, the couple's relationship doesn't matter to anyone but them.

Why is it legal to discriminate on the basis of marriage?

Why does any government in a secular country have anything at all to do with marriage?

Comment Telecoms classic (Score 1) 377 377

Not me this one, but a classic.

One Friday afternoon Telecoms tech was checking a remote unmanned exchange, one of the checks was to measure the levels on the analog multiplexer for the trunks to the main exchange, which acted as the brains for the dumb remote.

The procedure was to plug a 6.5 mm phone jack, attached to a large fixed meter into each channel at a time. Unfortunately, this chap grabbed the wrong hanging jack, this on having 50v exchange battery on it. He then proceeded to plug into each channel of the carrier system, and was mystified when there were no reading. As he plugged in the last channel, the exchange went totally silent. Whole exchange was down for 2 days.

Comment Speed is indeed important (Score 1) 6 6

Not everyone has a brand-new computer; The manuscript of the book I'm about to publish is in Open Office Word, about 400 pages and full of large images, and autosave is a real pain because it takes minutes to save the file.

Like another commenter said, I wouldn't make it the most important thing, overall efficiency is. But software speed is important to anyone with an older computer, especially a Windows computer, because the computer slows as the registry grows, and the registry never gets smaller, only bigger.

Comment Re:Or (Score 2) 117 117

Surely, you're utterly wrong. One takeoff can easily put enough bugs on the leading edge to destroy laminar flow. Heavy bug loads on the leading edge can easily increase drag by 30% over a clean wing. Glider pilots use mechanical wipers to remove the bugs in flight. Waviness of more than .005 inch is needed to maintain laminar flow. Once the flow becomes turbulent, drag rises considerably. Just washing the wings on the ground won't help.

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