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Comment: Re:Cheap at half the price (Score 1) 415

by Fake Trout (#10494571) Attached to: Cable HDTV Not Ready For Primetime?
I refuse to buy an X-Box until someone can prove to me on facts that buying an X-Box and pirating X-Box games will cause MS to lose money.

I don't understand your statement. if you buy an xbox and then pirate games, I can garauntee you MS will lose money. they lose money on the systems still, I beleive and without any game revenue from your pirated games, well they certainly wouldn't be making money! That said, I quite enjoy the progressive scan image my gamecube has as well as the xbox HD capabilities. I wont pay the mountain of cash my cable company wants for HD programming so games and DVDs are all I ever watch on my set (a comparably modest 42" toshiba)

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