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Comment: Re:Surprise! (Score -1, Offtopic) 500

by Faireh (#28168383) Attached to: Microsoft Update Quietly Installs Firefox Extension
I saw this and got a vision of the Family guy episode when Stewie hopped a plane and got past security pretending to be part of another family. I giggled at the fam guy thought, and grimaced when i remembered why i was remembering it. More and more I feel myself pulled to what I have long regarded as the 'Dark Side'.. the realm of half eaten fruit..

Comment: Re:Wow... (Score 1) 83

by Faireh (#28161719) Attached to: Scientists Can Grow Stem Cells In a Petri Dish
You are 100% correct interkin3tic, it is a great step, unfortunately the work is never done.

I would have to disagree with a Teratoma being the worst type of tumor to have (albiet in ones brain of course it could present some serious issues) considering they are mostly benign and very treatable. And on the cool factor you can find some rather interesting things inside of them. I should also say gross factor, as most people do not share my ideas of what is 'cool'

I would wonder how long it would be until we can be absolutely sure that we have successfully reprogrammed these cells. I'm not sure that is possible at this point, though someone feel free to correct me on that, as I am not sure of the process.

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